Thursday, 14 April 2011

Big Audio Dynamite - London Shepherd's Bush Empire April 03rd

Big Audio Dynamite - Photo by Steve Worrall
Great to see B.A.D. so happy to be back playing live again, they seemed to be enjoying themselves as much as the audience. There is talk of them working on new material but the gig thankfully consisted purely of "old" - a run through of all their classics with the undoubted highlight being an extremely powerful "C'mon Every Beatbox". Joe Strummer's widow was in attendance, and seeing her reminded me that B.A.D. were what The Clash could have become with their eclectic mix of reggae, rock and roll, hip-hop and samples.  When the band played "Beyond The Pale" and "V13" this became more apparent , as they were amongst material co-written with Joe and were real stand-outs.  I remember once hoping that Joe would become a fully paid up member - that would have been something really special.
I am not sure how this re-union will affect Mick's other side project Carbon/Silicon as the look on the band's faces as they basked in the applause and affection at the end hinted that they this is not going to be a quick come back for a bit of cash. Let's hope they stick around a bit longer and appreciate the credit due to them.


  1. The New York show had a similiar vibe, the boys seemed very happy to be on tour. And Mick mentioned the spirit of Joe Strummer being present too. I had a blast. Here's video from the Roseland NYC show :
    Hey Steve, nice site. :)

  2. Thanks Hugh, great clip - glad they are going down well in the States too.

    If you've got a Blog or site you'd like me to link to then please let me know.