Thursday, 14 April 2011

Soundtrack back to Slussens - May 20th & 21st 2011

The Soundtrack of Our Lives at Slussens Pensionat in 2010 - Photo by Steve Worrall

The Soundtrack of Our Lives return to Slussens Pensionat, Henån on Orust for their regular intimate, laid-back semi-acoustic specials in May.  Mind you, when I say "laid-back" I am talking about a band that live are generally more energetic than the The Who and The Clash put together.  

The shows at Slussens usually do start off in a very genteel manner though, people enjoying a wonderful dinner in the beautiful Pensionat, overlooking the water. The band come on and play through acoustic versions of some of the many hidden gems from their back catalogue, there is enthusiastic yet polite applause and warm banter. However, the band are famously hyper-active and the urge to rock-out slowly takes over as the set progresses and the atmosphere builds to a crazy, drunken finale.

This year they'll play through the whole first album "Welcome To The Infant Freebase" on May 20th and then the second, "Extended Revelations..." on May 21st.  Apparently, they may extend the dates to play all the albums but this is yet to be confirmed.

"It starts off in very genteel manner..." The Soundtrack of Our Lives at Slussens Pensionat in 2010
 - Photo by Steve Worrall

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  1. You should come there!
    I'm bringing a mate. It's 7 years since last time. Scratching a 7 year itch...

    PS. Trond G. here...