Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Jetsonics - The West Thames Delta's Finest!

The Jetsonics, the West Thames Delta's finest, photographed in Brentford by Paul Slattery
You know that horrible feeling when a friend says "Come and see my mate's band"?  The thought of enduring some awful cover band and having to grin and bear it and lie after the show about how much you'd enjoyed it. Well, luckily for me the "friend's mate's band" turned out to be The Jetsonics and there was no danger of me making my excuses after the show as they were damn good. 

There have been some great E.P.s around recently from some bands that should be registering with the good old general public a bit more. The Jetsonics have just released one, The "Extended Player" E.P. is probably the best I've heard from a relatively unknown band for many a year, featuring four songs of supreme quality, each worthy of being an A-Side in their own right.

Starting off with "Burn! Burn! Burn!", a rousing "Roadrunner" style riff with a supremely catchy singalong chorus, then things change pace with second track, the reggae styled "Somewhere Else".  Drummer Dave Lombardi has an instinctive feel for reggae, something that comes over particularly well live and the song would not seem out of place on an old Ruts or Audioweb album.

"Amazing" is up next and is a real stand out song for me, it slams straight into a fast paced rocker with another superb chorus and some inspired guitar work from Sam Day. "Satisfied", the last track is underpinned with Adam Donovan's rolling bass riff and some glam rock power chords, Sam has a raw vocal style that gives the song a nice and sleazy feel and it's a great way to end an excellent E.P.

The Jetsonics to me are a classic good time rock'n'roll band,  a great reminder of the late 70's early 80's punk pop era of Buzzcocks and The Undertones and there's hints of Supergrass too with the catchy choruses and memorable riffs.

The good news is that if you're anywhere near West London on Friday May 20th you can catch them live and find out just how great they are at The Six Bells in Brentford High Street.

Check out these links for more info and to listen to some tracks, you'll be humming them to yourself for days to come...!/TheJetsonics

Thanks to Paul Slattery for the band photo (copyright Paul Slattery 2011)

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