Friday, 3 June 2011

The Godfathers - "Outside, NOW!!"....New Single "The Outsider" released on Secret Records/iTunes

The Godfathers - "The Outsider" out now on Secret Records/iTunes
The Godfathers, the legendary sharp-suited guitar gangsters, are back with a superb new single "The Outsider" released on Secret Records and up on iTunes now.

The release of another single earlier in the year, "Back Into The Future", reminded me just how great the band were. Here was a classic slice of raw R&B riffing rock, up there with the best of their classic songs. It transported me back to the late 80's/early 90's when The Godfathers were one of the best live bands on the circuit, and nobody wanted to miss their St. Valentine's Day Massacre gigs.

"The Outsider" is not so typical of their sound as "Back Into The Future", it's a menacing, slow burner which starts off with a repetitive guitar riff, eerie Hammond organ flourishes niggle away in the background and the song increases in tension with sudden bursts of Arabic style strings. Singer Peter Coyne has lost none of his trademark vitriol as he gleefully spits out lyrics of alienation and mistrust, and I feel this is one of his best vocal performances. 

Patti Smith once sang about being "outside of society" and The Godfathers have certainly taken this mantra to heart, they seem to revel in the "Outsider" tag and they might have just written their own anthem.


  1. Just checked it out on YouTube. It has a touch of The Prodigy's Firestarter about it, and some odd little flourishes. Slightly unexpected. I think I prefer 'Back Into The Future' for its old school vibes.
    Now I'm just going to have to crank the stereo up loud with 'Birth, School, Work, Death'.

  2. Yeah, I've had "Birth, School, Work, Death" on repeat all day! Fantastic stuff.