Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Band Button Badges Part 1 - Punk & New Wave

I was never a great hoarder or collector of stuff when I was younger, something that is still slightly annoying to the older "anorak" nostalgic oldie that I have become! I even sold  a huge stash of original Punk and New Wave vinyl albums and 7" singles, along with a big bag of classic button badges, due to financial woes in my twenties. Of course I really regret this now as I realise that I am still actually going through the phase that I was meant to have grown out of. In fact a great deal of my mid-thirties and forties has been spent trying to track down copies of those very records that I stupidly sold. Anyway, myself and Mrs Retro have cobbled together as much as we can from our meagre left-over collections and  here are some of them.

Pictured above clockwise from the top: the classic Public Image Ltd logo, three Siouxsie & The Banshees badges, Undertones "Hypnotised" lobster, The B-52's and The Slits. 
In the centre is a great XTC "Drums & Wires" badge.

Here are a selection of Clash badges including some unusal promos from Japan (top row).

These are a selection of Blondie badges:

If you have any cool badges or music memorabilia that you'd like to share here then please drop me a line with some scans or photos, be great to see some of your favourite items and even better if there's an interesting anecdote behind them.

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