Wednesday 28 September 2011

SuperSizeArt - Giant works of Art inspired by classic 7" Vinyl

Artist Morgan Howell with some of his SuperSize Art - Photo with permission
The Word Magazine recently ran a competition to win one of these SuperSize Artworks, a giant hand finished painting of a 7" Vinyl single. I thought they were wonderful, a really original take on art inspired by music and a fitting tribute to those precious 7" singles that often have a big emotional attachment to their proud owners! I checked out a bit more about the company, contacted the Artist Morgan Howell and he kindly allowed me to post some examples of his work here on the Blog.

Jerry Dammers with SuperSize "Gangsters" - photo with permission
Morgan creates giant 3D printed canvas sleeves from original paintings of classic 45's. They are availabale as a deluxe super size print (68cm square) or more affordable over size print of 42cm square. The prints are lovingly hand finished, complete with crinkled edges and tears and are all signed and numbered by the Artist.

SuperSize "Heatwave" - photo with permission
There are also other less expensive options on sale such as poster prints and trader's cards and another side line in giant size versions of old comic book annuals such as Eagle. Check the Store here for examples, pricing and further information.

Don Letts with a SuperSize of The Clash's "Hammersmith Palais" - photo with permission 
Morgan is a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts (RSA) and he was shortlisted for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2010. He is currently working on a public sculpture in St. Albans called "The Big V" based on three important periods in the Town's history.

Examples of his work are also on display at Snap Gallery, Piccadilly Arcade in London.

SuperSize Singles - Photo with permission
So, have a look at the site and see some examples of the records Morgan has been inspired by, I must say that apart from his talent as an Artist, he has pretty damn great taste in music too, right up the Retro Man Blog alley!

Many thanks to Morgan for permission to use some photos from his web-site.

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  1. I'd happily pay to see a room full of RCA 'green bags'. You know, the ones adorned with Clodagh Rogers, Elvis Presley, Perry Como and The Sweet.