Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Rezillos - Live at Camden Underworld December 11th

Great news...one of my all time favourite day-glo space-age punk rock bands, The Rezillos, will play live at the Camden Underworld on Sunday December 11th. I'm so excited about this, I never got round to seeing the band first time round - much to my eternal shame - so I am going to make up for it on December the 11th that's for sure!

The band will also release a pumping, space-tastic new single "Out Of This World", written by Eugene Reynolds and Jo Callis. It will be available on CD, Download and 7" Vinyl, from the band's web-site store here from December 01st.

It's unbelievable that the band only released the one official album "Can't Stand The Rezillos", which has to be one of the strongest albums released from the Punk/New Wave era. Every track a certified classic, from the familiar singles "Top Of The Pops" and one of the greatest ever Double A-Sides in "Flying Saucer Attack" / "(My Baby Does) Good Sculptures" to gems such as "2000AD" and off the wall covers like "Glad All Over" and "I Like It".

One of my most prized possessions...my 7" single of "Destination Venus"

The band split soon after the album's release and splintered into The Revillos who took more of a Sixties Joe Meek meets The Shangri-La's and The B-52's approach. The album "Rev-Up", released in 1980, is a great album too, featuring the brilliant singles "Motorbike Beat" and "Where's The Boy For Me". Unfortunately the follow up "Attack" didn't quite make such an impression and the band finished, re-forming occasionally for gigs.

"Destination Venus" / "Mystery Action" - Sire Records 1978
But now The Rezillos are back again and I can honestly say I haven't looked forward so much to a gig for ages! Glad All Over..? Too right I am! So, what are you waiting for...? Order your tickets now from the Underworld here.

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