Saturday, 19 November 2011

The Wild Shore - Psychedelic sounds from Stockholm...

The Wild Shore
I had an email from The Wild Shore from Stockholm introducing themselves and their music. I was immediately taken with their great guitar sound, especially on the excellent "Chinese Birds" which has been stuck in my head for days. They do have tracks available to listen to and download from their web-site and I'd recommend you giving them a try, especially if you like The Soundtrack of Our Lives, The Black Angels and Elephant Stone for example. Here's a press release from the band themselves:

"The Wild Shore was harmonised in Stockholm during the cold winter of 2009. After a brief period of experimentation in the studio, two releases "Renaissance In Reverse" and current "Return to Dreaming/Ruins" came to light. In September 2011 they released the "Chinese Birds EP". The Wild Shore combine the chimey 12-string guitars of The Byrds, the hypnotic landscapes around Spacemen 3 with the perfect simple structures of Velvet Underground. With elements from psychedelia, krautrock, post-punk and raw power...untamed and well calculated, without opposites no attraction..."

 Here's a live video of the band recorded at Club Probation in Stockholm.

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