Monday, 12 December 2011

The Len Price 3 + Lupen Crook + Dead Lovers at Preservation Society Presents December 09th

Here are some photos from a very enjoyable gig at the Bull & Gate, Kentish Town on Friday night. The event was organised by The Preservation Society Presents, which is a promotion company that showcases the best of local talent from the Medway area with gigs and various plans, that include compilations and the possibility of a Singles Club, of the vinyl variety rather than of the dating kind if you get my drift...I missed the start so first up for me were the Dead Lovers who played some edgy and catchy guitar pop with two main vocalists who complemented each other very well. Next was a solo performance by Lupen Crook, who played a compelling set of acoustic numbers. It was the first time for me to see both and I am really looking forward to investigating their music further. Headlining were The Len Price 3 with yet another blistering set of their three minute garage-pop nuggets. By the end of the show there was a very happy and exhausted crowd baying for more from a band that just keep on delivering flawless live shows time after time. So, a great night and an excellent show from The Preservation Society Presents, keep an eye out for future events and releases as they have great taste in music and an eye for talent!

Dead Lovers - Photo by Steve Worrall

Lupen Crook - Photo by Steve Worrall

The Len Price 3 - Photos by Steve Worrall

For more photos of The Len Price 3, Dead Lovers and Lupen Crook please visit the Retro Man Blog facebook page.

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  1. As usual Steve, brilliant photos, I am not going to keep on about being jealous.....but I am!!!!!