Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Moons live at Bush Hall London December 02nd - by David Kerr

Andy Crofts of The Moons - Photo by David Kerr
Bill Clinton may have remarked that there was a certain pleasure in re-acquainting oneself with a favourite, familiar, old bush and this body-warming thrill of anticipation kept me going as I strode along the Uxbridge Road towards my re-acquaintance with The Bush Hall. Unfortunately, I had not been back since the red velvet curtains were a fitting back-drop to the classic sound of Booker T in 2009, and as I crossed the threshold I just knew that I would have to be standing on Jupiter on a crystal clear night to be in a finer location to be witnessing the true brilliance of The Moons. My anticipation was about to be fulfilled.  
The Moons took to the stage following fine supporting sets from Flamingo Drive and the Sundowners. I had heard great things of The Moons playing live and I was not disappointed as they smashed straight into a plaster splitting rendition of Life On Earth’s opener "Don’t Go Changin'" to commence a well balanced set spanning The Moons distinctive sound. From Andy Crofts' original MySpace uploads to many unreleased tracks from the forthcoming album, to be released in early 2012. Anybody with a passion for the Lunar Sessions and Life on Earth will be wishing away the festive season and looking forward to the delights 2012 has in store. The live renditions of both, the recent single, "Double Vision Love", and James Bagshaw’s 12 string led "Something Soon", reveal that The Moons will surely eclipse the success of Life on Earth with their next long player release.  

Long before Andy Crofts took to the stage to commence the encore with the acoustic beauty of "Jennifer Sits Alone", the gravitational pull of The Moons '60s inspired sound had swelled the crowd at the front of the stage, accumulating in a swaying tide of enjoyment to the flowing rhythms of "Wondering". 

Full force was resumed within the delighted revellers at the front as The Moons set was completed with a show stopping rendition of "The Ragman" as the eleven o’clock curfew brought a premature end to the merriment awash within the pleasures of the Bush Hall. Still, the positives of The Moons live at The Bush Hall far outweigh the negatives of an early closure, (just think of Solomon Burke and Victoria Beckham on a see-saw, you’ll get the picture), and what’s not to like about a gig venue with chandeliers, full wall height mirrors, a terrace bar for a raised view of the proceeding and the high standard of live entertainment supplied by The Moons. Another great gig at The Bush Hall. Ace!

Review and photos by David Kerr - you can check out David's videos of The Moons at Bush Hall, and many others, on his excellent YouTube Channel page here. Thanks David!

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