Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Complaints Department - "Walking Hand In Hand" Tokyo Power Pop for Earthquake and Tsunami Relief

Tokyo based Power Pop band, The Complaints Department, have just released a new single "Walking Hand In Hand". Proceeds from sales of the single will be donated to help aid the reconstruction work in Tohoku, Northern Japan, following the devastating Tsunami. Of course, just because the tragedy of the Tsunami is now out of the news, there is still so much work to be done in rebuilding, not only the region, but people's lives and livliehoods too. The band have to be applauded for their efforts in doing something positive.

The Complaints Department is a 5-piece power-pop band, with an eclectic fusion of punk, pop, rock and anything that comes to mind. The Complaints Department came together in February 2009, and is a Tokyo-based band made up of Canadian and Japanese nationals. Each member comes with different musical interests and influences, producing a unique style of alternative music. The band often uses two vocal parts to produce a more powerful and unique vocal sound. Furious song-writing/re-writing and relentless behind-the-scenes plans are a part of TCD life. Forging ahead, the band filled in the missing lead guitar and bass sounds, and added keyboards. The Complaints Department performs live with other Tokyo-based bands, steadily building a local following. TCD concentrates on writing songs in English and Japanese to appeal to it's entire audience. 

"Walking Hand In Hand" can be bought from Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby, here's the video:

 Composer: Nate Gildart
Arrangementby : The Complaints Department (Nate Gildart, Ken Kishi, Akira Minakawa, Chris Lucier and Matt Rollo)
Cover Art: Stefanie Held 
Mixed and Mastered by Ryo Sugawara & Ken Kishi

Here's another video of a great slice of Power Pop, recorded live in Tokyo, "The Story Of The Year". 

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