Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Glory Boys Mod Radio Show on 6 Towns Radio

I was recommended this radio show from some pals who have great taste in music, and I'm having my first "live" experience as I type and I must say I'm really enjoying it. Host Alan May, rattles through proceedings with a minimum of chat but a maximum selection of great music. There are some classic tracks from the big hitters such as The Jam, Chords and Merton Parkas but these are joined by lesser known numbers from bands such as the excellent Cycle Paths and The Mild Mannered Janitors. Here's some info on the show, I recommend you tuning in, they have a friendly bunch of listeners too!

The Glory Boy Mod radio show Presents a feast of Modernistic delights kick starting from the 6T's revving it thru to the revival period and speeding into the modern day...Sunday's 7pm till 9pm with replays Fridays at Midnight

This week we feature 'The Advance of the Ace' EP from The Ace, along with showcasing Detour records latest release from SEMA 4. The show is mashed with grooves from the following Mod bands..Secret Affair, The Clerks, Phaze, Small Hours, The Loop, Speakeasy, Merton Parkas, The Who, Long Tall Shorty, The Moderns, Mild Mannered Janitors, The Cycle Paths, The Mods, Squire, Blind Alley, Purple Hearts, The Same, Beatboy, The Sharp Darts, The Crooks, Wideboy Generation, Run229, The Chords, 5:30, The Lambrettas, Dress Code, The Jam, The Vapours, The Len Price 3 and Seventeen...

I do hope you can listen in and even join us in the chat house.....

Listen to the Glory Boys Radio Show live here 6 Towns Radio and check out the Facebook page here.


  1. Thanks for the mention of The Cycle Paths Steve! all being well I'll do a review and take some pics at the gig on Saturday and you can post on here if you like?. 6towns is great I love the 2 hours and chat amongst mods etc.

  2. Hi Stan, no worries, great band! Sure I'll wait for your review and pics and will do a feature once received. All the best, Steve