Tuesday, 24 July 2012

French Boutik support DC Fontana: New Untouchables' Zoo Zoo at The Blues Kitchen Camden Friday July 27th

French Boutik will support DC Fontana at the New Untouchables Zoo Zoo Club night on Friday July 27th at The Blues Kitchen in Camden. French Boutik are an exquisite pop shop moderniste: exhibiting only the finest melodies, this Parisian ensemble has their musical hands firmly on the pulse of our future while keeping their feet grounded on dance floors of the past. Theirs is a unique vision of modern French Pop where elegance and schizophrenia collide to generate a distinctive female vocal driven outfit of many harmonic faces. Buzzing and popping with powerful guitar and percolating organ, the amusing and troubling sounds perfectly represent French Boutik's timely marriage of English and French pop. The resulting songs here are social portraits peppered with irony, and delivered with a sophistication not unlike The Kinks, Jacques Dutronc or XTC.

The band will release their highly anticipated debut E.P. on Copase Disques  featuring 4 fantastique, self-penned songs by this groovy Parisian based French-American outfit. The diverse tunes include a tongue-in-cheek rave-up style ode to alley cats (Les Chats de Gouttière), a darkly humorous satire of a paranoid war supporter (La Vedette), a spirited and joyful defense of public misbehavior (Le Clope), plus one English composition, the histoire vraie of a substance abusing acquaintance (New Bossa). The E.P. features songs composed by raffiné guitarist and vocalist Serge Hoffman, fellow native Parisienne drummer and backing vocalist Zelda Aquil, and lead vocalist (and only non-Frenchie) Gabriela Giacoman, plus Elián Yvars de Montreuil on bass and backing vocals, and in-house sono engineer, Mad Iky, on keyboards. Et voila...the sound of Pop Moderniste, La French Boutik is open for business and ready to offer you its selection of the finest quality pop Française! You can watch a Preview Video Here, enjoy!

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