Monday, 23 July 2012

Retrosonic Podcast Special Edition: "L'Histoire de Jean-Marie Carroll" JC Carroll of The Members.

JC Carroll by Steve Worrall
From the Suburbs to The World: We are very pleased to announce the latest in our successful Retrosonic Special Edition Podcast spin-offs, this time round Adam and Steve are joined in the Pod by JC Carroll from The Members. This is an hour long special where JC takes us on an amusing and illuminating trip through his interesting musical career. From the early days of The Members' distinctive sound of the Suburbs from where they sprang, "a mix of Big Youth, Surf music, Hank Marvin and the weird stuff John Peel played on the radio...". We follow JC on his journey from the Members and beyond, from Punk Rock to Top Of The Pops and from Camberley to California. Along the way we discover which iconic Punk Rockers he has played music with, including that "what-might-have-been" Super Group to his solo recordings with people off the internet who he's never met off. We are then brought up to date to the release of the brand new Members album "In_Grr_Land", their first in over 25 years, and co-starring original bassist Chris Payne and a certain Mr Rat Scabies on drums. We also get a taster of what the future has in store for JC, including the new Julien Temple movie "London: The Modern Babylon"  and we discover what links a collaboration muted at a dinner party in Addlestone to Serge Gainsbourg's finest moment. The Podcast is generously soundtracked by a choice selection of brand new and classic Members tracks along with prime cuts of solo material, this is certainly a fascinating and not to be missed tale of a life in music. 

Please check out the Retrosonic Podcast site for more of our Special Editions which include in-depth interviews with Dick York from Cryssis along with Artist and Photographer David Apps, legendary Rock Photographer Paul Slattery and most recently, the superb feature with TV Smith of The Adverts, with an exclusive live session. All the Podcasts are available for download completely free!

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