Friday, 17 August 2012

The DeRellas "Stick It To The Man" new single out now!

The Glam Stompin' Punk Rock & Roll band, The DeRellas, have just released a brand new single entitled "Stick It To The Man. It's released by Crushworld/Dirty Water Records and is available on super cool seven inch vinyl and Digital Download from their official Store. The band also have a full length album out called "Hollywood Monsters" and another seven inch, this time on red vinyl, called "She Kissed The Gun".

The DeRellas have been described as sounding like "...a rocket-fuelled New York Dolls" by Classic Rock magazine and "Reprobate Rock 'n' Roll with an amphetamine snarl of The Damned" by Big Cheese magazine. With comparisons to Ramones, D-Generation and 70's Glam Rockers such as Slade and The Sweet, The DeRellas are certainly a band we, here at Retro Man Blog, will be keeping an eye on. They have been confirmed as tour support to the legendary Fleshtones in early December, which suggests the prospect of some pretty wild shows! Can't wait for the London gig at The Diry Water Club on December 08th, we'll be sure to report back on that.  

Photo courtesy Timmy DeRella

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