Tuesday, 14 August 2012

TV Smith "Tales of The Emergency Sandwich" Part 3 of The Punk Rock Tour Diaries

TV Smith has just released Part 3 of his Punk Rock Tour Diaries this time entitled "Tales Of The Emergency Sandwich". It's out now and you can order copies direct from his web-site Store. TV Smith was the founder member and lead singer for The Adverts, who, in 1977, shot briefly to fame with their punk rock hit "Gary Gilmore's Eyes". Then the band broke up, the fame was gone and where to go next? The first book in this excellent series, "Getting There", dealt with this. Not knowing what to expect, TV set out on a series of unpublicised, low budget solo tours through Europe, and in this book he recounts the life-affirming and frequently hilarious experiences of what it's really like to be on the road, destination unknown. Along the way we encounter Attila The Stockbroker, Tom Robinson, Die Toten Hosen, Punk Lurex OK, Santa Claus, Henry Rollins, Garden Gang, The UK Subs, Sid Vicious (the dog)...and a cast of thousands!

The second volume of the Tour Diaries, "How To Feel Human", sees our hero armed only with a guitar, a suitcase and an emergency sandwich, as he continues his journey around the world as a solo troubadour for the punk generation. We travel with him as he discovers America, reveals the mystery of the Frankfurt green sauce, and finds out what happens when squirrels take crack and a duck flies in. Be by his side as he witnesses the construction of the 'Totem To Those Who See Beyond' and the epic battle of B Bang Cider versus the flying ants. Without leaving the comfort of your own home you too can be stranded in a forest in Finland, lose all your belongings in the Czech Republic, learn how to play swamp football, how to survive a fall from a three-storey building, and - most importantly - how to feel human!

You can listen to our Retrosonic Podcast special edition with TV Smith, where he discusses the books and his career from his very first Glam Prog band Sleaze playing church hall gigs on the edge of Dartmoor, to The Adverts and playing the Roxy and Top Of The Tops. We discuss The underated Explorers and his back-to-basics rock band Cheap, right through to his superb solo albums and current postion as a hugely respected solo live performer. The Podcast includes an exclusive four song session recorded in the Retrsosonic HQ, and you can discover our very own emergency sandwich recipe that even TV would have refused to eat!


The TV Smith Special Edition Podcast is available as a free download from our Soundcloud site.

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