Monday, 15 October 2012

Budokan - "Spin a Little Gold" new blistering guitar pop album from Canada.

If you listened to our recent Retrosonic Podcast Power Pop Edition with Wayne Lundqvist-Ford from Ice Cream Man Blog, you will be aware of the blistering guitar pop attack of Budokan's contribution, the superb "The Queen's English". Budokan are a rock and roll band from Victoria B.C. in Canada and they play hook filled songs with loud guitars that they want people to love and remember. They draw inspiration from all the greats, but feel particularly indebted to the likes of Cheap Trick (yes, the band's name is a tribute to their classic "Live at Budokan" album), Ramones, Redd Kross, The Stones and Buzzcocks. Budokan comprise the singing, guitar playing and songwriting pair of Andrew Molloy and Craig Vishek, Kent Bendall on bass and Graham Watson on drums. "Spin a Little Gold" is their hotly anticipated debut full-length album and was initially only be available on beautiful 180 gram gold vinyl and digital download. However, the CD is version is now available on Japan's prestigious SP Records.

You can check out Budokan at their Bandcamp site.

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