Tuesday 23 October 2012

Call Girl: Mattias Bärjed from The Soundtrack of Our Lives soundtracks new Mikael Marcimain movie.

Mattias Bärjed, Guitarist with The Soundtrack of Our Lives and Free Fall, has written the soundtrack music to "Call Girl", the new Swedish political thriller by the acclaimed Director Mikael Marcimain. The soundtrack album will be released by the Stockholm based Razzia Records on CD and Vinyl on October 31st and you can pre-order your preferred format from GinzaBengans or CD-On. "Call Girl" is the debut feature film from the highly rated Marcimain, who previously worked with Mattias Bärjed on the excellent TV Series, "Upp Till Kamp". "Call Girl" is inspired by a real-life Swedish political scandal known as "Bordellhärvan", which linked underage prostitution with powerful and influential Clients, believed to have come from the highest levels of society. It is set in late '70's Sweden, a time of women's liberation, sexual revolution, and political neutrality in the nuclear power age. However, under the polished surface of Sweden's model utopian society, other desires are eager to be fulfilled, and within a stone’s throw of Government buildings and offices lie the seductive, yet dirty world, of sex clubs, strip shows, discotheques and apartments used for illicit and profitable rendezvous.

"Call Girl" tells the tale of how a young girl is unwittingly recruited into a ruthless world where power can get you anything. The story also follows a dogged Detective investigating the case which will take him on a dark trip, from the very bottom of society, through a superficial world of glitz and glamour, to the labyrinth corridors of power, which are full of secrets. The movie had it's world premier at the Toronto Film Festival and you can read a review of the movie on the Variety web-site. Two stars of the movie, Sofia Karemyr and Josefin Asplund, have been nominated in this year's Rising Star category by the Stockholm Film Festival. You can also watch a trailer for the movie at the Trust Nordisk web-site.

Razzia Records have also previously released Mattias Bärjed's soundtrack to Mikael Marcimain's award winning 2007 TV Series, "Upp Till Kamp", which featured the outstanding actress Ruth Vega Fernandez and actor Simon J. Berger from "Call Girl". In fact, it seems Marcimain is building up quite an impressive and hugely talented ensemble around him, as both Fernandez and Berger have also appeared alongside "Upp Till Kamp's" lead actor, Sverrir Gudnason in episodes of "Wallander", the popular Detective TV series starring Krister Henriksson, that he directed.

"Upp Till Kamp" is a superb drama, and as a fan of The Soundtrack of Our Lives, it is well worth watching, as not only do you have Bärjed's acting debut, but also his impressive score, which features the beautifully moving song "Coming Down Cold" with Ebbot Lundberg. Swedish music fans might also spot ex-International Noise Conspiracy, and Mattias Hellberg's White Moose drummer, Ludwig Dahlberg, who is now part of Bärjed's heavy rock outfit, Free Fall. Marcimain, I suspect, must be quite a music fan himself, as I loved the way he captures the authenticity of hot, packed out gigs in small clubs in "Upp Till Kamp". The live show scenes are some of the most realistic that I have seen committed to film. Gudnason also excels as Tommy, the charismatic lead singer of the fictional band, The Heartbreakers.

I am really looking forward to hearing the "Call Girl" soundtrack, and will of course review it as soon as I can get hold of a copy. Likewise the movie, which has it's Swedish domestic premiere on November 09th, and then hopefully an International general release will follow very soon after.
Mattias Bärjed at Slussens Pensionat, September 2012 - Photo by Paul Slattery
Thanks to Hans Selander and Daniel Tivemark. Mattias Bärjed photo courtesy of Paul Slattery.

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