Friday 5 October 2012

Retrosonic Podcast Special Edition: The Movements

Photo by Josefine Larsson
I get sent a lot of music and to be fair, a lot of what comes in is pretty good although the majority is just OK, you know, not offensive in any way but it doesn’t make you go “Wow..!”.  Some of it is awful, especially when you get stuff sent through from a band or musician who just hasn’t even bothered to check the Blog or Podcast to find out what we are about. Why should I promote your band if you haven’t even read the Blog or listened to an episode of Retrosonic? However, occasionally you hear something very special that blows you away, and it can be a real treat that makes doing all this worthwhile. This is what happened when Swedish band, The Movements, contacted me; I was immediately struck by their energy and the rawness of their sound, but most importantly it was the quality of the song-writing that impressed me so much.  I was considering playing them in a Retrosonic episode on Swedish music, but it was really difficult to decide which track to play such was the high quota of exceptional songs. 

I was so impressed by The Movements that I really wanted to find out more about the band so I met up with singer David Henriksson and drummer Thomas Widholm in Gothenburg for a chat and a beer. Once I heard their story - which includes such diverse chapters as writing football team theme songs, working with Björn Olsson (Union Carbide Productions and The Soundtrack of Our Lives) to David’s diagnosis with cancer and having their Space Rock concept album actually being taken into Outer Space by Swedish astronaut Christer Fuglesang - I thought they deserved a Podcast of their own. So put on your spacesuits, settle back and listen in as Thomas and David take you on a trip through their colourful ten year history…

The band's latest release is a great split 10" vinyl E.P. released by the French label Pariah Records. The Movements and The Angry Pirates both contribute two original songs and a cover of one of each others tracks. The E.P. is available from Pariah or The Movements.

The Movements
 With many thanks to Thomas and David from The Movements.
Podcast cover and Photo top-right by Josefine Larsson.

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