Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Pacifics - New split 7" Single with Thee Cormans out now.

Following on from our coverage of The Pacifics previous E.P. "Pacifics Play Favourites", here's a new release from the Dublin based band. It's a split 7" on Austrian label Bachelor Records along with the Californian surf instrumentalists, Thee Cormans, on the flip side. It's the band's first original tune on wax and was recorded in between the guys from Little Green Cars recording their debut, and The #1s' LP sessions. The single follows on from the 2011 E.P. "Play Favourites" and the 2012 LP "Pacifically"...both out on American label "Blood Red Records".

Here's some info from the band's record company: "There are a lot of things that can be said about this release but you know the deal, I don't want to be too informative and chatty about this cause if you order, it means WORK for me. So here we go, we tricked those goofs from Costa Mesa, Thee Cormans, into a record deal, and we were shameless enough to put Ireland's handsomest guys and Bachelor's latest Hit-makers, The Pacifics, on the Butt-Side of this 45. Both bands don't really deserve to be on a split 45 'cause they are good enough to have their own 7 inches, but well, it's another attempt for us to cash in. Now we pressed 500 copies of this beast of a dirty surf beat platter and we only have a limited amount of copies for sale. So, be quick and get yerself a copy, and while you're at it snatch some other cool bean releases from Bachelor Records too".

The Pacifics in action.
The 7" will be launched at The Big Itch Club in The Thomas House on Thomas Street, Dublin on October 13th. Also on the bill are Hunk and Slim Jim & The Bonebreakers. Entry is only Euro 4.99.

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