Friday, 12 October 2012

The Sensibles - Raucous Punk Power Pop from Milan

The Sensibles - Photo by Laura Donati
I first heard The Sensibles during our recent Retrosonic Podcast interview with Wayne Lundqvist-Ford from Ice Cream Man Blog, where he picked out some of the best international Power Pop music he had received over the past year. The Sensibles were one of the tracks that really stood out, and I do mean that, as "Open Book", positively burst out of the speakers with a raw, crackling energy. The song was like a noisy neighbour (head) butting in on the somewhat more polite and pastoral Power Pop we were happily checking out. I really liked the track and the total enthusiasm that seemed to spill out into the room, plus it had a catchy chorus that stuck in my head long after the interview had finished. So we included "Open Book" in the Podcast, which you can listen to here, and I quickly got in contact with the band.

Stella of The Sensibles - Photo by Paolo Proserpio
The Sensibles are from Milan and have been playing together since 2009. The band consist of Giacomo on bass, Fili on Guitar and Backing Vocals, Ga on Drums and Stella on Vocals. Last December they were included on a 4-band split CD entitled "The Pizza Connection", released by the Italian label, Making Believe Records, and in July this year, they released the superb, must-have self-titled E.P. on their own label. This was a limited edition, just 300 hand numbered copies, and included the Podcast track, "Open Book". The band played some dates in America in August to promote the record and then released a split vinyl E.P. with Japanese band The Ever Coming Hair on SP Records. The Sensibles certainly like their collaborations, as next will be another joint vinyl E.P. with The Hairlips, on Night Fever Records. 

Now, collaborations are all well and good, but I am kind of hoping that the band get round to concentrating on themselves soon and think about releasing a full length album of their very own. Judging by the strength of their scattered songs, that would be something very special.

Thanks to Giacomo.

You can check out just how good the band are for yourself by visiting their Bandcamp site.


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