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New Retrosonic Podcast Episode 5: "Insane Escapades"

Following the sudden split due to alcoholic and philosophical differences and the ensuing break to pursue solo Podcasts on Swedish music, the original three-piece line-up have re-formed and return with their brand new comeback Retrosonic Podcast...! In Episode 5, Steve from the Retro Man Blog, Adam from The Jetsonics and music photography legend Paul Slattery spin the usual eclectic mix of tunes and waffle on for a bit...In this packed Episode we have spooky Soul from R. Dean Taylor, football related madness from The Fall, classic Freakbeat from The Fire, Garage Rock from The Fallen Leaves, quirky New Wave from XTC and scary Post-Punk from Pere Ubu. Then we dig out some old school Glam from Sparks and stomping modern terrace chant Glam Rock from Giuda...There's Punk Rock from The Lurkers, a modern day murder ballad from The Jetsonics, a hidden gem from the 1979 Mod Revival/Power Pop vaults, West Coast Psychedelia from The Mantles and a bit of a Punky Reggae party with The Ruts...We also chat about the end of The Soundtrack of Our Lives, and our trip to Sweden to see the band's last ever shows at the Slussens Pensionat. Paul regales us with more tales from the front-line of rock photography, and his part in the new Smiths exhibition and yes, there's even more waffle too...! 

Don't forget to check out the Retrosonic Podcast Soundcloud page where you can listen to, and download for free, our previous Episodes 1-4 along with all our Special Editions. Click the highlighted titles to take you directly to each Podcast.  

Episode 4 "Get Your Trousers On, You're Nicked": with Paul mysteriously absent, Adam from The Jetsonics and Steve from the Retro Man Blog spin some classic Soul from Betty Wright, there's the Psychedelic sounds of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Punk Rock from The Briefs, The Romford Stompers and Basement 5, top 80's Ska from The Beat, Mod Revival Power Pop from The Starjets, Glam Punk from The Wolfmen, rare Psych from Noon Express, Retro New Wave from The Jetsonics, quirky Indie-Pop from Go-Kart Mozart...AND a classic covered by The King of Luxembourg...phew! Plus the inevitable drunken waffle and news... 

Episode 3 "All Of My Heroes, They Die Rockers": Steve, Adam and Paul gather their thoughts and their beers and in this episode we had an exclusive track (at the time of broadcast) from the new album from The Soundtrack of Our Lives along with a brand new song by The Monochrome Set (at the time of broadcast). Other tracks include sultry Soul from Marsha Hunt and Stormy, Medway's Garage Rock icon Graham Day with The Solarflares, a Punk Rock classic from The Mekons and 60's Psychedelia from The Del-Vetts. Plus French Ye-Ye style pop from Fabienne Delsol, Punk stuff from Dickies and Devo and a modern take on the genre by The Cute Lepers. There's also the usual chat, news and "Sid James style guffaws". 

Episode 2 "We Look Like Stars But We Can't Pay The Rent": Steve, Adam and Paul dodge the spitting log fire and play Psychedelic Soul from The Chambers Brothers, Australian Punk trail-blazers The Saints, modern New Wave from The Jetsonics, sublime Psych-Pop with Elephant Stone, underrated '80's Garage Rockers The Playn Jayn, The Fast Cars with the catchiest Power Pop Punk song ever, raucous Punk Rock from The Carpettes, authentic retro Garage Rock from young Australian band The Frowning Clouds and a tribute to Etta James. 

Episode 1 "The Pilot": Our first attempt at the Podcast, a work in progress, a test run, an other words we are pretty rubbish, but the music is great! The Rezillos, Shonen Knife, The Ruts, The Len Price 3, The Past Tense, Radio Birdman, The Godfathers, Dick Venom & The Terrortones, The Members, The Jetsonics, Andy J Gallagher and The Soundtrack of Our Lives with the "Retro Man" theme song! 

Our Special Edition Podcasts are programmes dedicated to a specific subject, and we hope to offer either in-depth biographies and interviews with a variety of bands and musicians, often featuring unreleased songs or exclusive live sessions. There are also insights into particular genres and other aspects such as music related Artists, Photographers, Bloggers, Record Companies, Promoters and Movie Directors. Here's what is available so far... 

TV Smith: The legendary voice of The Adverts and now a hugely respected solo artist and author, TV takes us on an inspiring journey from the Roxy and Top Of The Pops to his worldwide travels armed only with a guitar, a suitcase and an emergency sandwich. Soundtracked throughout with music from all parts of his career, he also plays an exclusive live session in the Retrosonic Pod Headquarters. 

Power Pop Special: Wayne Lundqvist-Ford from the Ice Cream Man Blog goes through the huge pile of records he has received in 2012 and plays his pick of the Power Pops. These include Beyond Veronica, The Sensibles, The Seasongs, Phenomenal Cat, Budokan, Trolley, Monkeeman, Marty Graveyard and more. 

The Movements: We take a trip through the 10 year career of excellent Gothenburg based Psychedelic band The Movements. Find out how they became the first Space Rock band to have a CD actually taken to Outer Space! 

Ian Person: The Soundtrack of Our Lives' guitarist talks about his soundtrack music to the new IFK Gothenburg documentary and we play some exclusive and unreleased solo material. Steve also asks him about the decision to split TSOOL at the end of the year. 

Mattias Hellberg: The eclectic, genre-defying Singer Songwriter talks us through his varied career as singer-songwriter, solo artist and band member. It's a career that takes in Union Carbide Productions, The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Wayne Kramer of MC5, The Hellacopters, Nationalteatern, Nymphet Noodlers and Hederos & Hellberg amongst many others. We also play some superb brand new exclusive tracks from his forthcoming album. 

Rock Photographer Paul Slattery Part 1: Find out how the raw pre-Punk R'n'B of Dr. Feelgood, Link Wray, The Pirates and The Flamin' Groovies inspired Paul Slattery to take up music photography. 

Rock Photographer Paul Slattery Part 2: We find Paul coming back to London after a spell as fisherman on Cape Cod to be confronted full on by the Punk Rock explosion. He encounters The Adverts, Sex Pistols, The Skids, The Runaways and the Ramones and is led astray by Lemmy from Motorhead. 

JC Carrol: The Members guitarist and vocalist takes us on an entertaining journey from the sounds of suburbia and beyond. From the early success with The Members to his short lived Punk Rock supergroup, his work on soundtracks to Julien Temple movies and the re-forming of The Members with Rat Scabies, it's a fascinating and amusing tale.

Swedish Music Special: A special feature on some of the best contemporary Swedish bands around with an emphasis on the Gothenburg Music scene, includes interviews with music Blogger Wayne Lundqvist Ford, Ann-Sofie from Spiders and Bruce Emms from the legendary MUG Music Store. Features music from Division of Laura Lee, Spiders, The Movements, Eken, The Oholics, Side Effects, Early Days, Samling and much more. 

The Mod Scene Part 1 Royale Records: Hipster Lee from Royale Records talks about the plans for this brand new promotion and record label. We also discuss and play a few bands from their ever expanding roster such as The Electric Stars, The Past Tense, Monkeeman, The Universal, Mr Bridger and The Lemontops. 

The Mod Scene Part 2: Steve picks out some of the best bands and movers and shakers of the contemporary International Mod Scene. Music provided by DC Fontana, The Len Price 3, The Loop, French Boutik, Stanley Road, Button Up, The Past Tense, The Theme, Speakeasy, The Cycle Paths and more soul shaking Mod sounds. 

IFK Göteborg - Football's Last Proletarians: We chat to the movie's Directors and ex-IFK and Liverpool FC legend Glenn Hysen about Sven-Göran Eriksson's time at IFK and his giant-killing European footballing exploits, where he took a team of part time factory workers to UEFA Cup success. The Podcast is soundtracked, like the movie, by lots of great music from Ian Person of The Soundtrack of Our Lives. 

David Apps and Dick York: Old pals Dick York and David Apps talk about their experiences, Dick with his early Mod Revival band Sta-Prest and then making it big in Germany with Cryssis. David talks about his Art, Photography and being in a band with an original Sex Pistol. 

We hope you enjoy these programmes, all are available to download for please let us know what you think. If you think you have an interesting music related tale to tell then contact us...

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