Friday, 25 January 2013

The Travellers - "Summer With No Sun"/"74 Times" New Double A-side Single out now

Photo Courtesy of The Travellers
The Travellers have just released a superb new double A-Side single on Lemoncake Records, it's called "Summer With No Sun/74 Times" and is available on 7" vinyl and download, and it is well worth getting hold of. It's one of those, now rare, examples of a perfect classic "single", both tracks are top quality examples of prime Retro Pop. The band capture the essence of classic groovy Sixties and Seventies Psychedelic Electronica, with Motown beats and fuzzed up guitar, catchy organ riffs and wonderful timeless melodies. There's also a real feeling of cool Euro-chic about the band - listening to their cinematic music conjures up images of Paris with Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jane Seberg, or of sitting at a cafe on the the sun baked streets of Rome sipping a cappuccino with Vespas buzzing all around.

Photo courtesy of The Travellers
This cross-cultural feel is no gimmick though, it's entirely natural, as the band are based around guitarist Robert P, who is Swedish and singer and keyboard player Gemma who is Italian. They met and formed the band in London but now live in France, so you can get an idea of the many varied cultural influences that have a bearing on their sound. In the studio, both Gemma & Robert P compose, write, produce and mix all the tracks and play all of the instruments, although for live shows they either enlist other musicians to help out, or play as an acoustic duo. As well as the new single there are two self-produced EP's available entitled "For The Waves" and "Blue". I am really looking forward to an album from the band, it promises to be a classic. You can keep up to date on all the news by checking out their Travellers In Wonderland Facebook page.

Here's the great video to "74 Times" from the new single.

You can hear the flip-side, "Summer With No Sun", on the brand new Retrosonic Podcast Episode 6.

The 7" vinyl single is available from Casbah Records, The Beehive, 320-322 Creek Road, Greenwich, London. Now, Casbah certainly seems to be an amazing store, unfortunately I haven't been there yet but I am definitely going to visit at the next possible opportunity and will do a more in-depth feature for the Blog soon. Thanks to Gemma and Robert P. for the photographs.

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