Thursday, 28 February 2013

Introducing: Souvenir Stand - Ronettes meets The Beach Beach Boys, Dreamy 60's style Pop from Stephanie Cupo

Stephanie Cupo from Souvenir Stand
Souvenir Stand is Stephanie Cupo's solo project turned Indie-Pop band. The songwriting aspect began to form while she was studying classical saxophone in college. The Beach Boys quickly became a prominent musical influence and time was soon split between saxophone study, songwriting at the piano, and exploring arranging and production. The result was a debut three track EP "Days I’ve Spent With You" which was made available for digital download on Bandcamp in June 2012. Next on the horizon is a cassette release "Days" via the UK Indie label Beautiful Strange, featuring a new analogue recorded single and accompanying music video (release date to be confirmed). Overall the sound reflects the influence of Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys in addition to The Zombies, Phil Spector productions, Duane Eddy, Bobbie Gentry, Aimee Mann, Nirvana, The White Stripes and Chalk and Numbers among countless others. Souvenir Stand has recently developed past just a solo studio endeavour and Stephanie has formed a live band that’s gearing up to play in NYC in early Spring 2013.

Some Review Quotes: “…60s styled beautiful, dreamy pop in the vein of the Beach Boys, had they been blessed with a female voice of course!”
- Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More!  

“…her soft and dreamy voice will send your heart all fluttery while the yesteryear melodies, effortlessly precise and pretty, fit perfectly with rose-tinted memories"
– Just Music That I Like 

The Songs certainly have that Ronettes meets the Beach Boys vibe about them, beautifully layered and arranged, so that they grow with repeated listens. It will be interesting to see how Stephanie can translate this into a live environment, so once the dates are announced and if you are in New York, please go along and support Stephanie and the band. You can keep in touch with all Souvenir Stand news by checking out their Facebook and Twitter sites.

Souvenir Stand's excellent EP "Days I've Spent With You" is available for download at their Bandcamp site. Here's a taster, the sublime title track itself...

With many thanks to Stephanie Cupo, Photos by Julianne Karr.

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