Friday, 29 March 2013

Vic Godard & Subway Sect "Caught in Midstream/You Bring Out The Demon In Me" - New 7” Produced by Edwyn Collins

"Caught in Midstream/You Bring Out The Demon In Me" is the new 7” From Vic Godard & Subway Sect. Produced by Edwyn Collins and released on Record Store Day - 20th April 2013 by Aed Records.
This particular saga begins way back in the mists of time, it’s 1979 and Vic is between groups and is asked by Bernie Rhodes to write some songs for a Harlesden soul group called the Black Arabs who were supporting Dexys on their "Intense Emotions Revue" tour in 1980, but didn’t have a set. The songs were given another outing at the Music Machine in March 1980 with a one off line up – Vic, Bob Ward, Paul Myers, Rob Green (now singing in the excellent Fallen Leaves with ex-Subway Sect guitarist Rob Symmons) on backing vocals and tambourine and The Great Unknown on keyboards (the story according to Vic - Bernard told him he was at a Turkish wedding and TGU was part of the band and asked him to play accordion on ‘Stop That Girl and then asked him to do the Music Machine gig but he had to get a hair cut first). The only two songs that have been recorded and regularly performed since then are ‘Holiday Hymn’ and ‘Devil’s In League With You’, with jazz versions of both on ‘In Trouble Again’ and regular outings for both in the live set over the years. After releasing "1978 Now", a re-recording of Subway Sect’s ‘lost’ album, it seemed natural to follow this (at some point) with "1979 Now" and finally record Vic’s Northern Soul numbers. 

Vic Godard & Subway Sect, December 2012 - Photo by Steve Worrall
Fast Forward to 2010 when Vic first moots the idea to Paul Myers, fast forward again to the beginning of 2011 when Myers agrees to come on board (likes to chew things over for a while before committing). By October 2011 Myers had also joined the live line up together with fellow Chelsea fan Paul Cook for an unspecified number of gigs and they made their live debut with Sect Stalwarts Kevin Younger and Mark Braby on the 28th October 2011, bringing the Northern Soul vibe to the Sect. Thanks to Edwyn and Grace Collins, recording tentatively began at West Heath Studios at the beginning of 2012 and continued throughout 2012 as and when possible. Towards the end of the year there were 4 completed tracks: "Holiday Hymn", "Devil’s in League", "Caught in Midstream" and "You Bring Out the Demon In Me". Aed Records suggested a single so had to decide which two songs to pick, after much deliberation "CIM" & "YBOTDIM" won the votes. Vic will be celebrating the release on Record Store Day at Mono Glasgow on 20th April and The Sect will be promoting the single with a series of dates: TONIGHT, 29th March @The Water Rats London, 5th April @The Green Door Store Brighton, 17th May @New Continental Preston and 1st June @The Brudenell Social Club Leeds.

Cover by Andrew Paul Shaw featuring photograph by Phil Dillon. Produced by Edwyn Collins, Recorded & Engineered by Seb Lewsley at West Heath Studios North West London.

Vic Godard - Vocals, Mark Braby - Guitar/Backing Vocals, Kevin Younger - Keyboards, Paul Cook - Drums, Paul Myers - Bass, Simon Rivers - Backing Vocals, David ‘Flash’ Wright - Saxophone

For more information check out the excellent official site Vic Godard & Subway Sect.

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