Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Introducing: The Hypnotic Eye - Fuzzed-up "Slightydelic" Garage Rock

The Hypnotic Eye are a South London based Flower-Punk band who play abrupt, "slightlydelic" Garage Rock. They are due to release their debut album "The Optical Sound of The Hypnotic Eye" very soon, and if their excellent singles are anything to go by, it will be one hell of a record!  Actually, there will be a Hypnotic Eye onslaught in the near future, as they are already in the process of recording their second album, live in the studio, with the band claiming "It's a lot more raw and darker in places and it's going to be in your face and louder". The band also love their vinyl, both their singles have been released on this format and I managed to get hold of a copy of their Record Store Day exclusive 7" down at London's best record store, Casbah Records in Greenwich. It's a split single featuring Mod Freak-beat legends (and Marc Bolan's first band...) John's Children, who perform "Cornflake Zoo" on one side with The Hypnotic Eye contributing a cover of the John's Children classic "Smashed! Blocked!" on the flip-side. Limited to 300 copies, the split 45 was released by Downtown Sound for Record Store Day 2013 and is distributed by Cargo Records. It also boasts fantastic cartoon cover art by Marty Street at Cartoon Workshop.

The band's debut single "Marianne" featured guest appearances by Rhys and Joe from The Horrors and the B-Side was a cover of The Omens track "Searchin'". Latest single "Satisfied" is a masterpiece of fuzzed up Garage Rock and the record also features another excellent cover version, this time The Human Expression's "Readin' Your Will". I'm really looking forward to catching the band live and hearing both their albums and will be sure to report back about them.

Here's the video to the excellent "Satisfied"...enjoy!

We played a Hypnotic Eye track on our latest episode of Retrosonic Podcast, listen here.

To keep up to date on all band news, the debut album release date, tour dates and how to get hold of their previous singles, check out  The Hypnotic Eye official web-site. With thanks to Matt.


  1. A top band all around! Seeing them bring the house down at the Lexington in London back in September 2012 remains a highlight among all the gigs I have ever attended.

  2. Hi Chris, sounds like a great gig, I'm looking forward to seeing them play live as soon as possible!