Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Art of The Button Badge: Blondie

When I first started up the Blog just over two years ago, it was really just meant to be somewhere to share some of my music related "stuff" such as Button badges, 7" Single picture covers, Gig tickets and Photos. I didn't really expect things to expand so quickly into doing Reviews and Podcasts and Gig promotions and such-like so I kind of lost touch with the original idea a bit. Hopefully I will get round to scanning and sharing some of my items soon, but in the meantime, Blog reader Marc Talbot kindly submitted some of his huge collection of Blondie badges. It's quite an impressive haul, so here is just a small part of it...

Marc has been collecting Blondie button badges for over 35 years and has amassed over 400 of his own and has scans of about 500 different designs. He is always looking to add to his collection and is considering setting up a web-site to share other badges, so if you have any spares for sale, swap or share then contact the Blog and I'll hook you up with Marc. All Badges and Photos contributed by Marc Talbot.


  1. Nice collection! Cool to see! I had some of those back in the day---plus, I had that classic "Blondie is a Group" badge from their fan club. I love seeing stuff like this. Looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Keep this sort of article and feature coming Steve, great to see some of those old badges...

  3. Hi Steve, just an update on my Blondie badge collection...Ir's now reaching nearly 2000!!!! I have some pictures of them on Boards if you want them...Marc