Sunday, 8 September 2013

Nervous Twitch "This Modern World" E.P.

Initially forming in 2011 with the now lead vocalist and bassist, the pink haired Erin Van Rumble, on the drums, Nervous Twitch have undergone a number of line-up changes before establishing the current line up in early 2013. Inspired by a shared love of the Ramones and other 70s punk bands, 60s girl group such as the The Ronettes through to modern North American Garage Punk acts such as Nobunny. Nervous Twitch create short sharp contagious pop songs crammed with hooks and memorable melodies. Nervous Twitch released "Bad Reputation" their 1st E.P. at the beginning of 2013. Made up of tracks recorded the previous year, featuring previous band members and Erin on drums, the "Bad Reputation" E.P. used lo-fi production to good effect and featured 5 catchy, garage punk numbers most of which remain in the live set today. In June 2013 the band released "This Modern World", with a fuller sound the band continued to experiment with their songwriting style whilst maintaining their pop sensibilities. Nervous Twitch have already played with the likes of 'Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds, Thee Spivs, Thee Bat and Dan Sartain and continue to entertain audiences with their own unique brand of Rock 'n' Roll at nights up and down the UK. With a more settled line up and some releases under their belt the band continue to work on new material covering a number of styles from Punk, Garage, New Wave and Pop.

Nervous Twitch are an unsigned four piece from Leeds who deliver short, sharp bursts of garage punk. The influence of bands like The Ramones is recognisable throughout their songs and none more so than on "Bad Reputation". It definitely has the retro feel of the 70’s punk era without being copycat and the chorus is really catchy and you find yourself singing along to it before the end. Riffs on songs such as "You Soon Found Out" and "You Don’t Matter No More" continue in the same ilk. However there is also a reminder of bands like the Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster in some of the bass lines. All the songs come in around the two minute mark and are fast paced all the way through. Impropoganda Blog Spot June 2011
Nervous Twitch have since re-recorded this EP of songs with more skill, and a bigger budget, but this still bears your consideration. There’s something I find charming about hearing them not exactly have the best handle on the songs yet. There’s piss and vinegar to give it the right kick, but no one quite owns the songs yet. "You Don’t Matter No More" and "You Soon Found Out" prove this is a band that has what most every other band lacks, SONGWRITERS who can turn a memorable phrase. "Shake of the Damned" is sexy and fun bit of an organ grind. Nervous Twitch have been blessed with a memorable name, great hooks and now as their musical skills improve with leaps and bounds they make it seem easy. This name your own price release is the perfect background noise for keeping that neighbour you can’t stand awake. Indie Music for the Unaffiliated March 2013

Aside from having a great freaking name, they write memorable music that feels dirty enough for it to be fun. This latest E.P. "This Modern World" is no exception. NT do their best to be Mods with the title track and “Baby, I’m Bored” by inking songs Ray Davies wishes he’d written. There’s a jittery agitated, over-caffinated feel to the band's performances, add to that the jangly guitars and it just makes you wanna move. “You Ask Me Why” is a perfect example of this affected combination. Even the closing instrumental, “Stuck in the Mud,” starts with a sinister enough guitar tone, but the high trebly melody line feels like a Mod spy soundtrack circa 1966 and baby, it is intoxicating.

Here's the video to the great title track of their new E.P. "This Modern World"

You can check out more information on the band, including upcoming tour dates, at their official web-site and download their music at their Bandcamp site. Thanks to Jay.

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