Monday 20 January 2014

The Len Price 3 Exclusive "My Grandad Jim" Video Premiere...

Screenshot of the new Len Price 3 video "My Grandad Jim"
We are honoured to have the exclusive on the brand new video from The Len Price 3. "My Grandad Jim" is taken from the forthcoming album "Nobody Knows" and has already become a firm live favourite at the band's recent gigs. You can read singer songwriter Glenn Page's full track-by-track guide to the new album on the Blog here, but below are Glenn's notes on "My Grandad Jim"...

"My maternal grandfather was an ordinary bloke who, like a lot of blokes of his generation were forced to do extraordinary things. He was in the 8th Army in World War 2 and saw some pretty hefty action - El Alamein and the D-Day landings among them. I was fascinated by his stories, turns of phrase and the things he knew and I'm still fixated. I had plenty of heroes when I was a kid - Spiderman, Glenn Hoddle, Indiana Jones, but no one could top my Grandad. Better than some prissy footballer or a geezer in a colourful skin-tight cat suit any day! When we recorded this I wanted it to be a bit like the sound I remember getting when I was in my first band, aged about 16 and we would record ourselves playing with a cassette recorder. I wanted to recapture the excitement, energy and roughness of us trying to be like Jimi Hendrix." Here's the video...

The video features live footage filmed by Retro Man Blog at the band's "Nobody Knows" album showcase gig at The Half Moon Putney back in October. The band will also head off to help promote the album with these confirmed dates as follows, more to come soon...

February 13th - London, Camden Blues Kitchen
February 15th - Glasgow, Barrowlands
March 01st - London, The Pipeline
March 21st - Clacton, Mod Weekender
May 02nd - Cambridge, Scooter Rally
May 17th - London, Camden Fiddler's Elbow

Please check the band's official web-site for venue and ticket details and updates on new gigs.

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