Monday, 7 July 2014

Retro Man Blog Presents: The WitchDoktors, King Salami & The Cumberland 3 and The Superminx '70 at The Half Moon Putney on Friday July 18th

We've got together another mighty fine line-up for July's edition of the Retro Man Blog Night at The Half Moon in Putney with three great live acts - The WitchDoktors, King Salami & The Cumberland 3 and The SuperMinx'70. This gig takes place on Friday July 18th and advance tickets are available for sale now at the bargain price of £8.00 from the Half Moon Box Office here, tickets on the door are £10.00. The previous two Retro Man Blog Nights featuring bands such as Graham Day & The Forefathers, The Len Price 3, Galileo 7, The Fallen Leaves and The Monochrome Set both sold out so book now, save some money and guarantee your spot at the front of the stage!

The WitchDoktors by Paul Slattery
Deep in the darkest vaults of South London, The WitchDoktors have been honing their SuperPunkRock sound and shows, drawing on their 70s punk upbringing (Ramones, Clash, Pistols, Damned etc) and adding a good ol' full measure of trashy rock'n'roll-a-billy, a dash of 60s Psyche-Out Garage, a bitter twist of country and whizzing it all up with some godamming loud geetars our special brand of thunderous drums! After 4 albums, a fistfull of singles plus hundreds of shows with like minded souls e.g. The Damned, The Revillos, The Fleshtones, Woggles, Phantom Surfers, The Saints, ? and the Mysterions, Man or Astroman?, Dogs D'Amour, Vince Ray and more recently The Polecats, The Germs, Macavity's Cat, they're fired up on high octane again and are out there gigging to promote their latest album "$3 Hooker" (distribution to retail stores by those nice people at "$3 Hooker" is also available for download NOW from iTunes, e-music, Napster and Amazon along with their Greatest Hits(!) album "Razor Cuts & Red Hot Needles". Go on, getcha 'pod' Doktored! Wanna feel like The WitchDoktors? Then getchersome comic books, catch some horror flicks, drink a bar dry, sling on some inkwork, fire up the hotrod and thank your lucky stars that you can relax in the safety of your own paranoia.

King Salami & The Cumberland 3 by Zig Criscuolo
In 2006, one Japanese, one French, one Caribbean and one Spanish got together to form a black rhythm & blues party band, King Salami & The Cumberland 3! London's R&B-punk sensation are making fun times where ever they go. With a repertoire encompassing many of the greats of the ’50s and ’60s you won't be able to help but move your feet. The King howls like Screaming Jay Hawkins with Bo Diddley chasing his coat-tail and Andre Williams trying to offer up some of his bacon fat. This man never stops shakin' and twistin' and groovin' while the Cumberland 3 (former members of the Ulcers, Chinese Lungs and Parkinsons) play their own branded mix of vintage rockabilly desperate rock'n'roll and a bit of soul with fire, energy, gusto and fun! They have played all over Europe, sharing the stage with the Pretty Things, the Trashmen, the Standells, the Mummies, the Bellrays etc...and have released a bunch of killer 45's on different European record labels. Last year the band toured France, Japan, China, Australia and New York City and released their 2nd album "Cookin' Up a Party" on Dirty Water records.

The SuperMinx'70 by Richie Kyle
The SuperMinx'70: Paul R Osborn was in The Peppermint Airgun with Carl Eugene Picot (Dave Kusworth/Nikki Sudden) in the early Eighties playing psychedelic pop and gigging with PWEI and The Wonderstuff and after that in The Overself, part of the Rugby Town scene with the Spacemen3 and The Guaranteed Ugly. After giving up music for 15 years Rob Symmons (Subway Sect/Fallen Leaves) advised him to start another band so in 2012 he started The SuperMinx'70...The band have gone through some line-up changes but now Paul has gathered a great band around him, including relative newcomers Barry "Groovyman" Frost ex-Flat 19, Cannibals, and Legendary Groovymen on bass and guitarist Pete Scott who is a young but seasoned solo performer. Completing the line-up are drummer Johnny 'Bam Bam' Birdiani and Joe Squatt on Trumpet and sax. The band have signed to Plastic Pop Records and plan to release a live E.P. later this year and are also involved in a Merc Clothing sponsored residency at The Buzzclub in Wimbledon.

For more info on the gig check out the Event Page here and tickets can be bought direct from here. Thanks to Eric for the great poster design - check out more at www.flying

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