Friday, 22 August 2014

Les Kitschenette's new E.P. "2e étage: lingerie pour hommes" out now on 10" Blue Vinyl and news on their first U.K. Gig...!

The fabulous French Yé-yé group Les Kitschenette's have just released their latest E.P. "2e étage: lingerie pour hommes" on Soundflat Records which takes you right back to the stylish France of the '60's. Six incredible new tunes of French Freakbeat are just waiting to be played loudly and danced to at your groovy parties! The new 10" vinyl E.P. is called "2e Etage: Lingerie Pour Hommes" and is the second of a series of three releases on coloured vinyl; the first one was on red vinyl, this one in blue and the upcoming one will be released on white vinyl, altogether forming the colours of the French flag. It consists of cover versions of well-chosen nuggets from the 60s; all of which the band interpret with their usual dose of melodic organ, a shakin' beat, a hint of sax and flute, fuzz riffs, a stylophone and brilliantly elegant female as well as male vocals. If you like French 60's Garage-Beat, Les Kitschenette's are a must-see band, and you will be able to see them make their very first U.K. appearance at the next Retro Man Blog Night at The Half Moon Putney on September 26th. at their first! Check out the video to "J'ai l'air de Quoi" from the brand new E.P. here...

We are very pleased to announce that, in conjunction with Adaptor Clothing, the next Retro Man Blog Night will be on Friday September 26th at The Half Moon Putney where we will be presenting an Anglo-French battle of three of the best Beat Combos around. We have the splendid adrenaline fuelled Medway Delta Pop of The Len Price 3 headlining along with the rather spiffing Garage Mod-upon-Thames sounds of The Past Tense. To complete the line-up we sail up the estuary to extend a very hearty cross-Channel welcome to the exceptionnel French Yé-yé FreakBeat band Les Kitschenette's for their very first U.K. gig. Zut alors, à bientôt chums...!

Order the E.P. direct from the band's Bandcamp page, or better still come along to see the band play live at the Half Moon on September 26th and pick up a copy at the gig! You can read a review with photos and videos of when we saw Les Kitschenette's in Paris last year here, here's the band performing a cover of The Castaways classic 60's track "Liar,  Liar" from that show. Enjoy!

Les Kitschenette's, Paris 2013 - photo copyright Retro Man Blog
Advance Tickets for the Retro Man Blog Night with The Len Price 3, Les Kitschenette's and The Past Tense at the Half Moon on September 26th can be ordered at the bargain price of £8.00 here.



  1. Je t'aime beuacoup le cape de velvet.

    1. Haha...well, come along to the gig and I will see if you can wear it!