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The Membranes at the 12 Bar Club with Exclusive Paul Slattery Photographs

The Membranes at The 12 Bar - Photo copyright Paul Slattery
The Membranes, Faerground Accidents & The November Five at the 12 Bar Club, Denmark Street, Saturday 20th December 2014 - Review by Sonic Yoof with photos by Paul Slattery.

So, a second visit in two days to the condemned 12 Bar Club, the legendary venue that has fallen victim to  the Crossrail project and associated works that threaten to tear out the heart of Tin Pan Alley and all the history that goes with it. Last night saw a sold out crowd with the first of these two nights and a bill of Sarah Pink, Anabollic Steroids, Eastfields, TV Smith with Leigh Heggerty and a late set by Viva Las Vegas, it was an excellent night.

The Membranes at The 12 Bar - Photo copyright Paul Slattery
Tonight sees John Robb's Membranes as headliners with support from Faerground Accidents and the November Five. The Faerground Accidents from Sheffield are rather brilliant and very influenced by the city's own Pulp in places and also some resemblance to Suede in parts. With a pumping organ/keyboard sound and Singer Bomar Faery wearing a nice line in Laura Ashley and lipstick a la Robert Smith, it was a really great set and a band I will definitely be  seeing  again live.
The Membranes at The 12 Bar - Photo copyright Paul Slattery
The November Five were next and played some awe inspiring Detroit sounding Rock and Roll. Both sides of the latest vinyl single were played, "Closure" and "Flame", and the last track "Breathe" was superb. All in all, a very entertaining band.

The Membranes at The 12 Bar - Photo copyright Paul Slattery
John Robb's Membranes then took to the stage to a packed house. The first song was the newish single "The Universe Explodes" which set the scene for a brilliant set. Grown men in Stovepipe hats moshed on the packed dancefloor as Robb and co unleashed a set of Beafheartian like songs, so very different to John's other band Goldblade, who played the night before. It was an intense performance that takes in the almighty "Spike Milligan's Tape Recorder" and an atonal "Myths and Legends" sending the crowd wild. The Membranes don’t play very often but when they do it is always a memorable occasion, catch them while you can.

Barnet Mark outside the 12 Bar Club - Photo copyright Paul Slattery
Many thanks to Sonic Yoof for the review and to Paul Slattery for the photos.

As well as fronting The Membranes and Goldblade, John Robb also runs the excellent (and essential) music web-site Louder Than War. He has also written one of the definitive books on the Punk movement, entitled "Punk Rock : An Oral History", which is a must for every music fan's collection.

The 12 Bar will re-open soon at a new location - Phibbers at 203 Holloway Road, London N7 8DL. Please keep an eye on the 12 Bar web-site or Facebook page for news on the official opening.

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