Saturday, 14 February 2015

Dig The Fuzz Records - The 7" Vinyl Singles Club

Dig The Fuzz Records recently came to the Blog's attention and it certainly seems to be well worth delving into further. Here's some information from the label. "With a great sense of pride, we will shortly be presenting a prestigious selection of exuberant sounds from the tasteful talents that have bent our ears in recent times. The fuzz never really fizzled out and with vigorous endeavour and a salivating appetite for discovering new sounds, once more we strive to bring forth obscure and precious sounds closer to your ears. Our intrepid voyage into the musical abyss takes hold, searching for intensely explosive, enigmatic, exotic and exciting sounds in the subterranean styles of Freakbeat, Psychedelia, Garage, Punk, Stoner, Acid Rock, Dub, Electronica, Folk and whatever else disturbs the senses. Dig The Fuzz embraces every colour, creed and sexual direction from Uganda to Glasgow to Gogogogo n Madagascar. If we can find that illustrious ingredient to bends the senses, we will do our utmost to grant it a place on a round piece of plastic pressed with love...!"

All vinyl singles will be extremely limited to 199 to 250 copies, numbered and housed in a specially designed handmade sleeve. To guarantee collecting every limited edition numbered 45 at the special price of £4.99 each including additional music, free downloads, posters, flyers, videos, inside information etc. join the DIG THE FUZZ Singles Club for only £2.50 which you can purchase from the online store or via eBay. If you are not a vinyl collector the music will be available to download for £0.75 per track. If you are not interested in joining the Fuzz Club, each single will be £5.99 per copy dependent on what stock is available.

Here's a great video of one of the label's acts The Tribe with a cover of The Sparkles 60's Nuggets classic "No Friend of Mine".

Here's a message from the label along with little bit of small-print stuff. "Your Help, Your Support, Your Social involvement and input, is much appreciated, valuable, very welcome and also very important to the development of this club and unsung underground new music and a kick in the cogs of the overly manufactured music machine. All proceeds from the sales of vinyl are solely used to produce the next release. So please get involved too, & join the Fuzz Club. Dig The Fuzz Records stress that by no way or means are you under any obligation to purchase anything if you join the club, this is totally against our ethics and you are welcome to take advantage of the freebies once you have paid the small fee and joined the club, so if you’re struggling financially enjoy the cubs free music, videos & websites. Membership is a one time fee only & stands valid as long as the club continues running (thanks to your good selves). The current single price (Especially being limited press) may alter due to price increases enforced on us by production increases or government Tax increases. However our aim is to keep the prices as low as possible so everyone can play!"

Here's a Dig The Fuzz Records promo video that will give you an idea of where the label is coming from - tune in and turn the volume up!

Check out the Dig The Fuzz web-site for more details on their upcoming releases...

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