Thursday 28 May 2015

Hipsville Day 2: Giuda, Thee Jezebels & The Anomalys

Giuda photographed backstage at Hipsville by Paul Slattery
My Saturday afternoon started off with Thee Jezebels playing in the smaller Tiki-Bar next to the main Bisley Pavilion ballroom and they were a great tonic to pick me up and get me straight back into the swing of things again after the previous night's Hipsville fun and games. The last time I saw singer and guitarist Laura and bassist Letty they were playing in the Neasden Bees and Drummer Lois used to be in The Embrooks. The Embrooks also featured Mole who is now in The Galileo 7 and running the splendid State Records who have coincidentally just released Thee Jezebel's debut single on 7" vinyl. The band play both sides of the single today, a scorching rendition of "Black Book" and the frantic lovelorn "Cried Over You" which are both classic slices of high-tempo Garage R'n'B. 

Thee Jezebels - Photo copyright Retro Man Blog
Laura is an engaging front-person with a self-deprecating wit and she jokes around with the crowd and her band-mates. Letty is dressed in Rude Girl style, Fred Perry and Doctor Martens, and as she bends over to plug in a lead Laura comments "I bet you regret wearing a mini-skirt now..." Letty quips back "I regret nothing!" They are a band who straddle genres easily, whether it's the pre-Punk Canvey Island R'n'B sounds of Dr. Feelgood, a bit of early Kinks Mod or lots of raucous Garage Rock with a touch of Punk attitude, it's all there. A couple of stand-out songs include a cover of the Cryin' Shames "Let Me In" which highlights Laura's cool, sassy voice and "Just Ain't Worth The Time" which harks back to those great 1970's Suzi Quatro singles like "48 Crash" and "Can The Can", in fact there's also a slight hint of that early Glam sound about Thee Jezebels. A cover of The Flamin' Groovies' "Jumpin' In The Night", with the addition of some friends in the crowd joining in on maracas, was one of the highlights of a thoroughly enjoyable set. The show ends with a rough and ready version of the Dr. Feelgood classic "Going Back Home" and I was left thinking Thee Jezebels are a great band to make you smile and jump around and forget the hangover, perfect!

Andrews Surfers Deluxe entertain the Hipsville Crowd
The weather was so nice that Thee Andrews Surfers Deluxe shifted all their gear outside onto the Pavilion’s veranda and played an energetic alfresco set flanked by gyrating Go-Go dancers. They asked members of the crowd to pick out songs from their set-list which included covers of good-time instrumental classics such as "Comanche!", "Pipeline" and "Popcorn" and more.

The Anomalys take off - Photo by Paul Slattery
Saturday evening saw people really going to town with the Horror themed fancy-dress and there were some stunning, hilarious and occasionally quite gruesome costumes. I didn't catch the beginning of the Amsterdam based band The Anomalys set, but their brand of Punked-up Psychobilly slowly drew me in, “like The Cramps on speed” Mr A. told me afterwards and I'm not going to argue with that. The encore was something special, with the drummer playing the floor tom with maracas and main-man Bone on some superb harmonica. The set built to a wicked climax with all three band members in amongst the audience, yes even the drummer! Bone then climbed the P.A. stack before jumping back in the crowd again and ended up on the floor getting everyone to lie down too, some great showmanship, and then it all dissolved into one big glorious and chaotic noise!

Tenda of Giuda photographed by Paul Slattery
Giuda, the bovver-booted, denim clad Glam Punkers from Rome might have been a surprise choice for Hipsville but I was really glad to get the chance to see them again. After all, this was the band that we voted as our "Gig of the Year 2013" following their stunning show at an impossibly packed-out Buffalo Bar. The band, comprising Lorenzo and Michele on guitars, Danilo on bass and drummer Daniele took the stage and struck up the brilliant instrumental theme tune “Racey Roller” before the imposing and charismatic singer Tenda joins them and they it crank up into "Rave On".

Giuda photographed by Paul Slattery
Giuda photographed by Paul Slattery

The singles are all present and correct, "Teenage Rebel", "Yellow Dash" and my favourite "Get It Over" but it's the peerless football terrace rocker "Number 10" that tops the lot, a perfect blend of football anthem and Rock 'n' Roll. Then again pretty much every Giuda track could be a classic single in it's own right and wouldn't be out of place on an old  mid-70's Top of The Pops. One of my highlights was the memorable riffing and chorus of "Maybe It's All Over Now", which deserved much better than to be hidden away on a B-Side, but that only goes to prove that the quality of Giuda's songwriting means they are far from being purely a novelty Glam tribute act. "Wild Tiger Woman" sees dancer and Giuda fan Celia Formica leap on stage to join in on the fun, and who can blame her!

Giuda photographed by Paul Slattery
Giuda photographed by Paul Slattery
"Speak Louder", with its call and response chorus almost takes the roof off of Bisley Pavilion and the band leave an exhausted crowd baying for more. They encore with a cover of “Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting” with Lorenzo on lead vocals and then Tenda appears for a headlong rush through "Roll On" and that's it all over! I thought Giuda were a great choice by Mr A. as they were the perfect Saturday night party band with their singalong choruses, hand-claps and feet stomping and I can't wait to see the band play live again, hopefully very soon indeed.

Giuda photographed by Paul Slattery
Giuda's albums are available on beautifully designed and packaged vinyl from Damaged Goods Records. With thanks to Paul Slattery for the excellent photos. For more photos of Day 2 of Hipsville then please head on over to the Retro Man Blog Facebook page and if you're not already following hit "Like" and "Get Notifications" for access to the photo album. There are also videos up on the Retro Man Blog YouTube channel, with more to be added over the next few days. Enjoy!

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