Monday, 10 March 2014

Fuzzy Vox New Album "On Heat" Out Now!

Fuzzy Vox, the high energy Power Pop trio from Joinville on the outskirts of Paris, have just released their debut album "On Heat" on download and white 180 gram vinyl and head off on a string of dates throughout France to promote it. The eight track album has been produced by Pelle Gunnerfeldt who has also worked with The Hives, which comes as no surprise from the first two tracks "1789" and "Man Of Solution" which both bear a close resemblance to the Swedish Garage Rock stars. Third track "Dying Town" is a jittery and tuneful romp that reminds me of early XTC but the band haven't neglected the Power Pop sensibilities of their earlier releases and "Vibrator" has a nice jangly guitar motif and soaring feel-good chorus. "She's On Her Period Again" has a lovely Rickenbacker intro and is so catchy that you might find yourself singing along with the somewhat dubious song title in the chorus very loudly in public. "Let Me Ride" is probably the album's weakest track but it ups the tempo for a full-on Garage Rock stomper and is followed by the even heavier "Ruby Heart Stealer" which positively thunders along. "On Heat" ends all too quickly with the soulful "Crumb of My Heart", a great way to end a very satisfactory album that I would thoroughly recommend getting hold of. To buy the album check out the Fuzzy Vox Bandcamp page and for more details on their live shows visit their official Facebook page.

Here's the great video to "1789", the opening track from "On Heat"...enjoy!

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