Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Soho & The Roots of The Swinging Sixties guided walk by "Back In The Day" at the Soho Festival July 15th

The excellent historical guided walks company "Back In The Day" will be having one of their "Soho - Roots of the Swinging Sixties" walks on Sunday July 15th. The walk starts at 6:15pm and costs £12.00 per person, however, if you've been on a Soho walk before, and you bring some friends who haven't, it's free for you. This will be in conjunction with the annual Soho Festival, an event of music, food and fun (and beers...), which is being held that day. I went on one of the "Soho Swinging Sixties" walks last year and thoroughly enjoyed it as it took in all the major landmarks and locations of Jazz, early Rock 'n' Roll and the very roots of the Mod scene. You can read my report on last year's walk here - Back In The Day Walks. Check the "Back In The Day" web-site for booking and details of the meeting point.

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