Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Stockholm Retro Part 1 - Mods vs. Rockers Rally 2012 + The Moving Sounds

Stockholm Mod, Acke at The Mods v Rockers Rally - Photo by Steve Worrall
I was wandering the streets of Stockholm's trendy shopping area called SoFo on Södermalm, when I heard a familiar buzzing engine sound gradually building up behind me. Suddenly a beautiful silver Vespa with the full mirror deal sped past, there was a blur of a billowing green Parka, it looked pretty cool. Then, out of a side street came the raw guttural burst of a vintage Triumph and a leather clad Rocker zoomed by, hotly in pursuit of the scooter. Ah, looks like a bit of trouble!

Then, in what could have been a scene out of Quadrophenia, another couple of scooters whizzed past followed by even more classic motorcycles. As I walked on, I noticed that one end of Nytorget square was lined by about twenty to thirty scooters and on the other side of the road about the same amount of vintage motorbikes. I walked around checking out the bikes and scooters and thankfully noticed that the Mods and Rockers were all mingling amiably, apparently I had stumbled across the Mods vs Rockers Rally.

Despite the pouring rain, I managed to speak to 37 year old Stockholm Mod, Acke. He told me this was an annual event organised by the Rockers' Ton Up Club and the Stockholm Mods Scooter Club, along with the local Vespa and Lambretta Clubs. The rally is held every year on the first Saturday in September, and has been running since around 2008 in it's current format. There was a great selection of scooters on display, some pretty standard with no decoration at all, whilst others were kitted out in full classic Mod regalia.

The participants meet up and face off on St. Eriksbron Bridge, which links the island of Kungsholmen with the main city. Then they all set off on a rally to the Southern island of Södermalm via Vinterviken, where there is a Mods vs. Rockers tug of war! Both sides then head off to meet up at Nytorget to park up and show off their rigs. There are T-Shirts and merchandise for sale and the side with the most bikes on display wins a trophy. The day is rounded off with a party featuring live bands and DJ's.

All photos above copyright Steve Worrall
I also chatted to Acke about music and he told me that, not only did he like all the 60's Soul and British Beat Groups, but he also recommended I check out contemporary Stockholm band, Moving Sounds. I did, and  noticed that the band are on the excellent Hamburg based label, copaseDisques. We have already featured other copaseDisques artists, French Boutik and Brandy Butler & The Fonxionaires, on our Retrosonic Podcast Mod Special Edition. So, I got in touch with the ever helpful Alex at the label for some more info on the band.

The Moving Sounds
The band's third, self-titled album was recorded in the vintage studio "Estudios Circo Perrotti" in Gijon, between live dates on their first Spanish tour. The studio has also served many cool bands and artists such as Billy Childish, The Masonics and Retro Man Blog fave's, Stanley Road. So, with the aid of the Studio's stalwart production team of Jorge Explosion and Mike Mariconda, the band have conjured up thirteen amazing tracks that demonstrate their versatility and groove power.  Perrotti Studio features a vast collection of vintage equipment from the golden age of pop music, from original RCA mics to Selmer amps and Leslie revolving speakers. All of this equipment was harnessed to The Moving Sounds to ensure their vital live energy and studio imagination created their best album ever.

The band members are: Peter Rosen on bass, Staffan Flodmark on guitar, Parsley on the organ, Per Wollbrand on drums and Jonas Lindholm on vocals and percussion.

"The Moving Sounds" album itself is a really great multi-layered record, featuring some excellent and immediately memorable songs. The band switch easily between a mellow and lush pastoral Zombies style, to more thumping organ led rockers. There is even a hint of whimsical psychedelia on "Colours and Lines" which is spoken word reading of a Gustav Ivarsson poem underscored by a haunting soundtrack. So, a thoroughly recommended album and another great release from the copaseDisques label. With many thanks to Alex and Acke.


  1. Thank you Retro Man for the nice review of our album! We're playing at Teater Lederman on saturday 8th sept. Bring all your friends!

  2. No problem Jonas, it's a great album! Hope to see the band live one day. All the best, Steve