Friday, 22 February 2013

Introducing: The Chris Casey Combo '66

I thought I'd start off a new series of Blog features entitled "Introducing..." where I pick out the best of the International music that gets sent into us. We are contacted by many bands and artists that are either unsigned and trying to promote their own work, or they are already established on a label with a back catalogue of releases behind them. Either way, these are the ones that up until now have been unknown to me and are all making their first appearance on the Retro Man Blog. So, let's kick off the series by welcoming The Chris Casey Combo '66 to the Blog. Chris Casey is a super-talented guitarist, singer and songwriter from Stillwater, Oklahoma who, together with Colin Fleishacker on Bass and Toby Surratt on drums, make up the Combo '66. They play an eclectic mix of 60's influenced material, from Booker T. style instrumentals such as "Watch The Cloth, Moth" and "Suede Boot Groove", to some superb Mod Revival and Power Pop stylings, evident on songs such as "A Bit Better". One song, "Jo Jo Lee" is built around a "Tax Man" bass riff with a catchy chorus that melds into a great Psychedelic guitar freak-out. "19th Rant" is one of my favourites, a Bluesy little number with a Soulful swing. "Long Cold Crawl" and "Girl For Action" are lean, perfectly formed Garage pop nuggets. The band have also been championed by DJ Alan May on his excellent Glory Boy show on 6Towns Radio, so tune in on Sundays from 7pm to hear more. Please check out Chris Casey and his great music, and hopefully we will feature more news on the Blog as and when it happens.

Check out Chris Casey Combo '66 at their Soundcloud page. Here's a taster, the great "19th Rant"...

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