Saturday, 25 January 2014

The Sensibles - "A Bunch Of Animals" Debut Album Out Now!

The Sensibles
The wonderful Italian Punk Power Pop band The Sensibles, have their debut album "A Bunch Of Animals", out now on Vinyl or MP3 and it's available to order or download at their Bandcamp site here. The album is packed full of raw, powerful and catchy songs, where the sweet and dreamy vocals of singer Stella collide perfectly with the Punky riffing of her band-mates Giacomo on bass, Fili on guitar and Ga on the drums, and it's a classic mix. If you like Suzy & Los Quattro, The Muffs, The Go-Go's or can imagine a female-fronted early Lemonheads, then you will certainly enjoy the feel-good bubblegum melodies of The Sensibles. They have put out a couple of videos of tracks form the album, first of all here's "I Want Your Blood"...

And next up, this is a track entitled "Dear Otzi"...enjoy!

We also featured a track from The Sensibles in our special Retrosonic Podcast International Power Pop Episode with genre expert Wayne Lundqvist-Ford, who has championed the band for some time on his excellent "Ice Cream Man Blog", which is well worth checking out.

Here's the album Artwork for The Sensibles "A Bunch of Animals" album...

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