Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Band Button Badges Part 2 - Mod, Reggae, Ska & 2-Tone

Some Mod badges, clockwise from top: The classic Mod target/roundel, The Who "Maximum R&B" logo, The Mods target, The Jam "Down In The Tube Station at Midnight", two more from The Who and in the centre a bit of a naff Jam one from the late 70's!

Here's an assortment of Ska, 2-Tone and Reggae badges. The Beat had a fantastic logo and their badges and T-Shirts were superb - the "dancing girl" logo got copied onto many a school exercise book and satchel!

Here's some colourful Reggae badges including Steel Pulse, Bob Marley and Aswad.

If you have any cool badges or music memorabilia that you'd like to share here then please drop me a line with some scans or photos, be great to see some of your favourite items and even better if there's an interesting anecdote behind them.

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