Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Band Button Badges Part 3 - Post-Punk and 80's Pop

Here are some badges from 80's Post-Punk and Indie bands, starting off with Echo & The Bunnymen, Aztec Camera and Orange Juice.

Next up is a collection of Smiths badges, I like the simple logo one in the centre best of all.

These are quite nice black and white designs.

And some Pop and Electronic bands from the 80's too (errr, these are not mine, honest...!)

Finally, the fantastic Monochrome Set and singer Bid's side project Scarlett's Well.

If you have any cool badges or music memorabilia that you'd like to share here then please drop me a line with some scans or photos, be great to see some of your favourite items and even better if there's an interesting anecdote behind them.

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