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Punk Rock Cartoons by David Worth

Adam Ant - by David Worth
David Worth is from Blackpool. He started drawing caricature cartoons in April 2010 and is self-taught. He has no art school background and his day job isn’t in design or illustration. The first cartoons he drew were of Public Image Limited and these were published on and also on

This encouraged David to draw more cartoons and develop his own unique style.  Since then, David has drawn hundreds of cartoons of musicians, bands, movie subjects and TV personalities. He is quickly working his way through people and bands from the world of Punk, Alternative and metal. These include The Clash, Ramones, Sex Pistols, Motorhead, Henry Rollins, Beastie Boys, etc. He has also created cartoons of more mainstream musicians such as Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera, Fleetwood Mac and others. There is also a set of Hollywood Film Legends in progress.  

The Stranglers 1977 - by David Worth

The cartoons can be seen at his website, Punk Rock Toons and also on Facebook. They have raised a lot of interest on Facebook and some great feedback has been received from Killing Joke, Mike Joyce of The Smiths and Glen Matlock of the Sex Pistols. Glen even uses a cartoon of himself as his profile picture.

Ramones outside CBGBs - by David Worth
David has shown his work at various exhibitions in the UK, including the Rebellion Punk Festival in his home town of Blackpool, which plays host to hundreds of punk bands and thousands of fans from all over the world every August. A cartoon of famous musicians born, raised or based in the local area has been displayed at the Blackpool Art Fair. 

Captain Sensible
He has also recently exhibited in Manchester and the sale of the prints from the various artists raised lots of money for a charity for children living in poverty in the city. He will also be displaying his artwork at the Punk Rock Museum at Ghettogloss Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles from 14th January 2012.
A cartoon of the Country Life Butter Advert was published in John Lydon's recent limited edtion book, “Mr. Rotten’s Scrapbook” and was the only cartoon featured in the book not drawn by John himself. It was given a full page, accompanied by John’s scribblings above and below the picture. The cartoons have also been published in Digital Arts and Front magazines and various newspapers. 
More of David's cartoons can be seen on the following sites:

Dave Vanian

- Under 26th July 2010 heading

- Find in show reports

- Country Life Cartoon used on Page 180

David would like to thank John ‘Rambo’ Stevens, John Lydon and Scotty Murphy, for initially publishing the cartoons and also to Taquila Mockingbird for giving David the opportunity to exhibit them in the U.S.A. 

Thanks to David for permission to use some examples of his excellent artwork, I'd like to wish him good luck with the Exhibition in Los Angeles and will certainly keep an eye out for future news and update here accordingly. In the meantime, please enjoy some more great Punk Rock Cartoons...

The Clash on Tom Snyder's Tomorrow Show 1981


The Damned - Black Album era
Don Letts and Mick Jones of Big Audio Dynamite

Charlie Harper with his Punk Rock Cartoon
John Lydon liked his cartoon so much he used one in his special limited edition book "Mr. Rotten's Scrapbook"
All cartoons and photographs Copyright David Worth

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