Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Len Price 3 - 3 fan-made videos...enjoy!

The Len Price 3 - Photo by Paul Slattery
First up is this recording of "Shirley Crabtree" taken by David Kerr at the very first Retro Man Promotions night back on October 14th at The Half Moon in Putney. This was the final encore and you can sense the great reaction from the crowd to what was one of the best live performances of the year without doubt. David very mercifully edited over the film of me getting on stage, although you can hear audio of me waffling away in the background!

The song is an affectionate look back on the childhood memories of watching pantomime wrestling on a Saturday afternoon during World of Sport. It featured such "terrifying" luminaries as Shirley "Big Daddy" Crabtree, Giant Haystacks, and Mick McManus - who always reminded me of my dad running around in a pair of black pants for some reason! David also pays his own homage by editing in the theme music to World of Sport, ah, those were the days! David has a superb YouTube site featuring a huge selection of some of the live bands he's captured on video, you can check it out here.

The next video is an interpretation of latest album title track "Pictures" by American fan Marianne who also runs a great Blog called "Popthomology". The band liked her video too and have put it up on their official web-site.

Next it's up close with The Len Price 3 at The St. Moritz Club filmed by Paul Slattery and featuring "You Tell Lies" from the "Pictures" album.

Many thanks to David, Marianne and Paul for allowing use of their videos on the Blog.


  1. I got a preview copy of Vive Le Rock at The Damned Roundhouse gig last night {one of the best Damned gigs I've ever seen} And the LP3 get a one to watch for 2012 mention in there..

  2. Hi Mondo, great I did some words on the Len Price 3 for the new Vive Le Rock magazine, glad they've used them! Missed the deadline to go on the CD unfortunately...
    Yeah I heard The Damned gig was a good 'un, shame I couldn't make it.
    Cheers, Steve