Monday, 5 November 2012

DC Fontana "Pentagram Man" new E.P.

DC Fontana have just released the stunning "Pentagram Man E.P." The DCs return with sonic medicine for troubled times in the form of six mesmerising tracks which are available as a deluxe CD, MP3 downloads or as a two-song 7" vinyl single. The release features a bonus track sung by 60's blue-eyed soul legend Don Fardon. Get it from DC Fontana Shop or from iTunes, Amazon & all other download sites. The band has upped the game with a lysergic change of pace and the results are simply stunning. Strange Brew declare it as "one of the essential records of 2012!" and wrote the record "reaches the heights of unforgettable pop-psych..." French magazine Standard calls the record "une potion magique diaboliquement cool" or (...a magical potion of diabolical cool) and in another  review by A Beat City Diary, they declare "Pentagram Man is a tour de force of psychedelia". The Active Listener attests that "Pentagram Man is an epic, and yes, diabolical anthem with delicate psychedelic shadings". British psychedelic shaman Peter Daltrey (song-writer and leader of UK-Psych heroes Kaleidoscope) thinks so too; after he saw the group playing live in Gijón, Spain in the summer he practically begged to write the sleeve notes of their coming release…and he has! Earlier this year DC had something of a line-up shuffle, ditching much of the horns and replacing the singer. New addition Louise Turner, with her platinum bob, panda kohl eyes & expressive voice is certainly a worthy addition.

DC Fontana L-R: Scott Riley (organ, vocals & guitar), Nigel Horton (drums), Louise Turner (vocals), Mark Mortimer (bass) & Talbot Roswell (guitars & backing vocals) - Photo by Claire Curtis
Part Dusty/part Debbie Harry, she's as adaptable to sounds and styles as the band. Once again produced by long-time Julian Cope guitarist/producer Donald Ross Skinner, the E.P. sees the DCs moving in new directions, exploring more sounds and more production techniques. "Pentagram Man" is an über-catchy song with a delightful sing-along outro to get your heart and feet moving, whereas "DevilAngel" is anthemic, yet unusual, featuring pounding post-punk drums, shimmering  guitars, Hammond and horns and hammered dulcimers, Chinese yangqin, cor anglais and oboe. Hip & hip-shaking! "What Would It Take?" is a beautiful modern day anti-war song with acid-folk flavours. "Satisfied (Part 1)" is an organic and acoustic re-working of the live favourite with almost prog-folk and jazz vibes over bluesy piano and Beatley cellos! "Sighed DC" is the most striking DC recording yet, an eight-minute ambient trip of esoteric bliss with witchy chants, celeste and wah-wah guitars bleeding into ticking clocks, dreamy Mellotrons, orchestral strings & even Indian sarangi to create surreal voodoo. Fardon adds his bellowing voice to an alternative version of "Pentagram Man" that also features horns & backwards guitars. This is a new, braver and more dynamic DC Fontana & this corking record is the perfect sign-post to their forthcoming  album, due out next year.

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