Saturday, 3 November 2012

The Popdogs "Cool Cats For Pop Dogs", a masterclass in Power Pop

The Popdogs debut, "Cool Cats For Pop Dogs", is something of a masterclass in the art of perfecting a classic Power Pop album. Sunny singalong choruses and catchy melodies, that belie some bittersweet sentiments, are all crammed into nine of the ten short and punchy tracks. In that sense they remind me a little bit of The Fountains of Wayne on occasion, or Marshall Crenshaw. First track "Kelly's On" is a superb album opener and just as you think they cannot better it, they hit you with the second number, "Honest Guy", which in particular could make the upper reaches of any definitive "best of Power Pop" chart. Lead vocalist James Styring has a distinctive voice, a sort of Buddy Holly, Gene Pitney twang, that may be an acquired taste, but he certainly imbues each song with character and confidence. James is joined by songwriting partner and guitarist Tim McKeating and they have delivered an extremely strong album that doesn't outstay it's welcome. With only the "Pipeline" style instrumental "Mild Mannered J", coming across as a bit of a throw-away, most bands would be more than happy to release the majority of these songs as stand-alone singles. I'm not sure if the band are touring, I can't find any information about dates, but it would certainly be great to hear these songs performed live.

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