Tuesday 31 July 2012

The Priscillas live at The Retro, Westbourne Park July 27th

Jenny by Paul Slattery
Retro Man at the Retro Venue...it was my first visit to this pub venue and it turned out to be a great little place, well worthy of the name..! It's tucked away on a square between the Westway and the main-line Railway tracks into Paddington station, right in the shadow of the imposing Trellick Tower. It's prime Rock 'n' Roll territory, perfect then for my first experience of seeing The Priscillas, who tonight are here supporting Rat Scabies/Brian James (more on that to follow...). The venue is pretty small, with a capacity of about 100, and it's hot as hell in there. Unfortunately, that means the crowd is pretty sparse as the chords to opening number "Gonna Rip Up Your Photograph" ring out, as a lot of people are drinking outside in the fresh air. It's a tight fit to get all the band onto the smaller of the two stages in the venue, the drum kit is crammed into the corner and pretty soon vocalist Jenny Drag is escaping the confines of the limited space and is prowling the dance floor. She's a rather fetchingly feline focal point, a live-wire cross between Joan Jett and Catwoman, pulling shapes with a cool charisma. The superb single "(All The Way To) Holloway" is followed by the catchy ode to cross-dressing "Jimmy In A Dress" from the latest album "10,000 Volts". Next up it's the New York Blondie style disco of "Fly In My Drink" dedicated with best wishes to Rat's birthday, it's a really great song and one of my highlights of the night. 

The Priscillas - Photo by Paul Slattery
"All My Friends Are Zombies" is another excellent track and Jenny can't stay on the stage for long, one minute she is pressed against the windows singing to the punters outside, who seem oblivious to the fun going on inside, and then she is leaping onto the bar to sing. Leather clad Bassist Suza Sputnik and soon to be departing, Stu the drummer and token bloke, keep up a steady rhythm throughout. The band's three minute Bubblegum Pop gems are a delight, there's hints of The Go-Go's and The Shangri-La's but with gritty Punk attitude and a trashy Cramps style glamour. 

Guri of The Priscillas - Photo by Paul Slattery
This glamour is personified in the Scandinavian cool of guitarist Guri, who also joins the audience at one point to play her fizzing riffs. The raucous "Y.O.Y" is followed by the last number, the impossibly catchy "Superhero" and Jenny swings the mic stand as she belts out the chorus, then it's all over, a really great performance. Now, after the long wait to finally get round to seeing the band I can't wait for the next London gig, The Buffalo Bar, Islington, Friday August 17th, see you there!

Suza Sputnik - Photo by Steve Worrall
Jenny - Photo by Paul Slattery
You can get info on ordering CD's or download their new album "10,000 Volts" from their web-site.

"Calling all female drummers! The World famous Priscillas are looking! Our boy, Stu, sadly has to leave us within the next couple of months. It's a tough position to fill but if you think you're good enough, get in touch. We're hoping to get a girl on board this time around!"

Send your "CV" to hellopriscillas@yahoo.co.uk and say Retro Man sent you...good luck!

Thanks to Paul Slattery for the photographs (copyright Paul Slattery 2012)

Monday 30 July 2012

New Untouchables Presents: Mousetrap R'n'B All-Nighter Saturday August 11th @ Orleans, Finsbury Park

 Saturday 11th August at Orleans, 259 Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park, London N4 2DD
Resident DJ's Chris Dale & Rob Bailey are joined by special guests Marcus Hjoberg (Sweden), Tomas McGrath (Pork & Beans) & Liam Large (Juxebox Jam) spinning the best in Authentic R&B, Northern Soul, Ska & Reggae. £8.00 before midnight / £10.00 after.

Check out New Untouchables web-site for more details

Tuesday 24 July 2012

French Boutik support DC Fontana: New Untouchables' Zoo Zoo at The Blues Kitchen Camden Friday July 27th

French Boutik will support DC Fontana at the New Untouchables Zoo Zoo Club night on Friday July 27th at The Blues Kitchen in Camden. French Boutik are an exquisite pop shop moderniste: exhibiting only the finest melodies, this Parisian ensemble has their musical hands firmly on the pulse of our future while keeping their feet grounded on dance floors of the past. Theirs is a unique vision of modern French Pop where elegance and schizophrenia collide to generate a distinctive female vocal driven outfit of many harmonic faces. Buzzing and popping with powerful guitar and percolating organ, the amusing and troubling sounds perfectly represent French Boutik's timely marriage of English and French pop. The resulting songs here are social portraits peppered with irony, and delivered with a sophistication not unlike The Kinks, Jacques Dutronc or XTC.

The band will release their highly anticipated debut E.P. on Copase Disques  featuring 4 fantastique, self-penned songs by this groovy Parisian based French-American outfit. The diverse tunes include a tongue-in-cheek rave-up style ode to alley cats (Les Chats de Gouttière), a darkly humorous satire of a paranoid war supporter (La Vedette), a spirited and joyful defense of public misbehavior (Le Clope), plus one English composition, the histoire vraie of a substance abusing acquaintance (New Bossa). The E.P. features songs composed by raffiné guitarist and vocalist Serge Hoffman, fellow native Parisienne drummer and backing vocalist Zelda Aquil, and lead vocalist (and only non-Frenchie) Gabriela Giacoman, plus Elián Yvars de Montreuil on bass and backing vocals, and in-house sono engineer, Mad Iky, on keyboards. Et voila...the sound of Pop Moderniste, La French Boutik is open for business and ready to offer you its selection of the finest quality pop Française! You can watch a Preview Video Here, enjoy!

Monday 23 July 2012

Retrosonic Podcast Special Edition: "L'Histoire de Jean-Marie Carroll" JC Carroll of The Members.

JC Carroll by Steve Worrall
From the Suburbs to The World: We are very pleased to announce the latest in our successful Retrosonic Special Edition Podcast spin-offs, this time round Adam and Steve are joined in the Pod by JC Carroll from The Members. This is an hour long special where JC takes us on an amusing and illuminating trip through his interesting musical career. From the early days of The Members' distinctive sound of the Suburbs from where they sprang, "a mix of Big Youth, Surf music, Hank Marvin and the weird stuff John Peel played on the radio...". We follow JC on his journey from the Members and beyond, from Punk Rock to Top Of The Pops and from Camberley to California. Along the way we discover which iconic Punk Rockers he has played music with, including that "what-might-have-been" Super Group to his solo recordings with people off the internet who he's never met off. We are then brought up to date to the release of the brand new Members album "In_Grr_Land", their first in over 25 years, and co-starring original bassist Chris Payne and a certain Mr Rat Scabies on drums. We also get a taster of what the future has in store for JC, including the new Julien Temple movie "London: The Modern Babylon"  and we discover what links a collaboration muted at a dinner party in Addlestone to Serge Gainsbourg's finest moment. The Podcast is generously soundtracked by a choice selection of brand new and classic Members tracks along with prime cuts of solo material, this is certainly a fascinating and not to be missed tale of a life in music. 

Please check out the Retrosonic Podcast site for more of our Special Editions which include in-depth interviews with Dick York from Cryssis along with Artist and Photographer David Apps, legendary Rock Photographer Paul Slattery and most recently, the superb feature with TV Smith of The Adverts, with an exclusive live session. All the Podcasts are available for download completely free!

Retro Man Blog gets with this new technology: Brand new YouTube channel, Twitter & Facebook Sites

With the re-vamp of the Retrosonic Podcast page on Soundcloud, we are pleased to announce that the brand new Retro Man Blog  YouTube channel is now up and running. Here you will find exclusive live videos filmed at our various Retro Man Blog nights including The Len Price 3, TV Smith, The Members with Rat Scabies, The Past Tense, The Jetsonics, Monica & The Explosion and Dick York from Cryssis. There is also a selection of videos filmed at gigs we have reviewed and featured on the Blog such as The Soundtrack of Our Lives, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Rezillos, The Blue Aeroplanes, Marie Modiano and The Monochrome Set. We will be adding more videos to the Channel whenever possible, so please see below on how you can keep up to date with all the news. In the meantime, here's a little taster from the new site, The Len Price 3 filmed live at the Retro Man Blog night at The Half Moon Putney on May 04th.

We will be adding videos to the Channel along the way, so to ensure you do not miss out, you can subscribe to the YouTube channel HERE. Also, you can "Like" the Retro Man Blog Facebook page or "Follow" us on Twitter @RetroMan65, to make sure you are updated on news of every Blog feature and Retrosonic Podcast episode as they happen. 

Thursday 19 July 2012

Inspiral Carpets + Psycho Babble at Concorde2 Brighton Friday July 27th

2012 sees Inspiral Carpets re-group with their original singer Stephen Holt taking over lead vocal duties. Rediscovering their garage band roots, Inspirals will be recording their first material in 15 years coupled with worldwide live concerts. On the 27th of July, the Concorde2 in Brighton brings you the psychedelic sounds of Inspiral Carpets, together with local support from Psycho Babble. Along with classics such as 'Commercial Reign' and 'Joe', Inspiral Carpets will also be showcasing brand new material during their 2012 tour. Prepare for chaotic rhythms, a bassist who cannot be ignored, the legendary organ sound of Clint Boon and pure punk ferocity. Along with the reunions of The Stone Roses and Happy Mondays, it is clear that the Madchester movement has been well and truly revived!
Psycho Babble are an exciting five piece band from Southern England who have toured with a variety of artists, including The Bluetones, The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Chelsea, The Rifles, Stiff Little Fingers, Shed Seven and The Undertones, to name but a few. Their excellent debut album "Sounding Off", received positive radio and press coverage throughout the UK and USA, and attracted attention from several industry figures, including famous producer Glynn Johns. The band's eclectic range of thought provoking material draws from their 60's, Punk and Indie influences, and switches between soulful numbers to blistering all out songs. 
Psycho Babble

Wednesday 18 July 2012

Retrosonic Podcast: New Episode Out Now!

Adam from The Jetsonics and Steve from the Retro Man Blog spin some classic Soul from Betty Wright, Psychedelic sounds of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Punk Rock from The Briefs, The Romford Stompers and Basement 5, Ska from The Beat, Mod Revival Power Pop from The Starjets, Glam Punk from The Wolfmen, rare Psych from Noon Express, unreleased New Wave from The Jetsonics, Quirky Indie-Pop from Go-Kart Mozart...AND a classic covered by The King of Luxembourg...phew! Plus the usual waffle, news and chat about what we've been up to...

It was recorded on Friday the 13th and there's a spooky absence of crackling log fires, low flying jets, Brentford parakeets, clinking glasses and the liberal pouring of a nice bottle of Rioja...we're trying to get all professional I suppose...! Let us know what you think of the songs via the Soundcloud site, email or join the brand new Retro Man Blog/Retrosonic Facebook Group. Hope you enjoy it, cheers! Steve & Adam.

Friday 13 July 2012

The Brian Jonestown Massacre live at London's Shepherd's Bush Empire Saturday July 07th

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Photo by Steve Worrall
I must admit to losing touch with The Brian Jonestown Massacre over the past few years, I hadn't seen the band since 2006 and didn’t really enjoy the last two albums "My Bloody Underground" and "Who Killed Sgt. Pepper". Those albums saw the band's main songwriter and creative force, Anton Newcombe, moving away from a traditional band format and working more on trance-like, electronic based compositions. They seemed very much influenced by his travels and very evocative of two countries in particular. Firstly, there were the glacial surroundings of Iceland, a country that Anton seemed to be heavily smitten with, and then the Krautrock beats and atmosphere of his new base, Berlin. However, after getting the brand new album “Aufheben” (A Records), which is a mighty return to their best, I was really keen to catch the band live again.

Photo by Steve Worrall
The Shepherds Bush Empire is a complete sell-out, it's unusual to see all the balcony levels opened up and filled to bursting point. There is a real air of expectancy, and an excited buzz all around the packed out venue. The band appears and takes up their positions; Anton stands so far over on the left that he’s almost hidden behind the curtains. I’m a bit surprised to see all the familiar faces from the last time I saw the band live way back in 2006. There’s Frankie Teardrop and Rick Maymi on guitars, Collin Hegna on the bass, Drummer Daniel Allaire and Rob Campanella on keyboards and guitar - it must be the most stable line-up in the band’s somewhat volatile history. We are also treated to the return of Matt Hollywood, who left the band, amidst some acrimony in the late 90’s, to concentrate on his band The Out Crowd. I always loved the way that Anton and Matt’s song-writing complimented each other so well on some of those classic Brian Jonestown Massacre albums and it’s great to see them back together.

Joel Gion by Steve Worrall
Then of course there is Joel Gion, who has taken playing the tambourine to another level of cool. Joel has become a bit of a cult figure amongst fans and, although now shorn of his iconic sideburns, he still exudes that charismatic nonchalance and gets the biggest cheer of all as he takes his usual position centre stage. They kick off with “Stairway To The Best Party” from the new album and then into the wonderful “Vacuum Boots”, one of my all time favourite BJM songs, Anton rocks backwards and forwards in that familiar pose as the classic riff spirals out into the venue. Another great track from the new album follows, “I Want To Hold Your Other Hand” which is destined to go down as a future crowd favourite I’m sure. Not since the heady days of The Blue Aeroplanes have I seen so many guitarists on one stage, at certain points during the show five guitarists are all playing simultaneously. This, along with the slightly disconcerting sight of the two roadies/guitar techs visibly tuning up instruments right behind the band, gives the appearance of some kind of psychedelic guitar orchestra.

The set list is well paced and features a superb selection of tracks although some of the old favourites don't make the cut such as "Nevertheless", "Hide & Seek" and "Who", but with such a back catalogue of strong material and a new album to promote it's hardly surprising that some songs will have to be missed out. We are treated to around 1 hour 45 minutes of prime BJM material with a healthy and well-received choice of songs from the new album, which fit in seamlessly alongside their classics such as “Open Heart Surgery” and “Prozac vs. Heroin”.

Photo by Steve Worrall
Rocking versions of “Not If You Were The Last Dandy” and “Got My Eye on You” spark crowd-surfing and crazed dancing at the front of the stage. In fact one difference I notice in the long time since I saw the band live, is in the audience. Whereas before, you’d always get a bunch of people seemingly only there with the intention of goading Anton into reacting and losing the plot, to witness that media-stirred Brian Jonestown Massacre freak-show. But tonight the packed out crowd is there for the music, there's no heckling or knucklehead behaviour and the band respond with an unbelievably blissed out performance.

However, there is one moment though where there's an audible gasp from the crowd as Anton delays the start of one song to seemingly berate the sound-man "Hey Mr Soundman, I'm the lead guitarist and I expect...nah, I'm just kidding you, you're doing a great job". It's good to see him making a joke at his own expense, he seems in good spirits, a genial "cheers" follows a rapturous reception to one track and he also gives a nod to the support act. There’s more self-deprecating humour, "I bought 10 tickets myself to give to all my Star friends but it seems I don't have any Star friends anymore so I sold the tickets outside". There is just one false start at the beginning of “David Bowie”, where he tries to get the song started with the correct tempo but other than that, it's a pretty intense and seamless performance with the band locked in perfectly together.

Brian Jonestown Massacre - by Steve Worrall
The guitars intertwine and on "Super-Sonic", with Matt getting out a tabla style drum to propel the Eastern rhythm, I almost experience a transcendental moment, the heavy air of spliff smoke might have contributed to that though! The band bring things to a close with a rousing run through of Matt Hollywood’s “Oh Lord” and end it all with “Straight Up & Down”, now the theme tune to the gangster TV drama “Boardwalk Empire”. This runs out into a coda of “Sympathy To The Devil” and they leave to a squall of feedback that, despite the ear-splitting noise, does nothing to drown out the massive roar of appreciation from the crowd.

Here's a video of "Oh Lord" - for more of my videos of the gig please visit the brand new Retro Man YouTube Channel.

With many thanks to Joel Gion, without whom...You can check out an earlier Blog feature on Joel's excellent new solo E.P. HERE. Also, visit the great Committee To Keep Music Evil site where you will find more Brian Jonestown Massacre information, merchandise, a fan's forum and news on other releases.

Saturday 7 July 2012

Retro Man Blog Night with The Members at The Half Moon in Putney June 30th

The Members by Paul Slattery
Firstly, I'd like to say  a big "thank you" to all those that came along to my latest Retro Man Blog night at The Half Moon in Putney last week. This continued my series of "Punk Rock Legends" gigs which kicked off the week before with our superb show for TV Smith of The Adverts at The Railway in Southend-on-Sea. Headliners, The Members take the stage and bang straight into the classic "Soho A Go Go". I'm really enjoying this three piece line-up, with original "members" JC Carroll and Chris Payne augmented by the legendary Damned drummer, Rat Scabies. It's great to see Rat play up close, maybe his character has sometimes overshadowed the fact that he really is a superb drummer. I don't think the music press has ever accorded him enough credit. It's not all crash, bang wallop and setting fire to the drum-kit, he takes on The Members more subtle and intricate songs, especially those with the reggae influences, superbly well. 

Rat Scabies by Paul Slattery
Of course there's no doubting his muscular style is still there, showcased in the way he powers round the kit in the Keith Moon style drum breaks of "Chelsea Nightclub". Guitarist JC Carroll shares the vocal duties with bassist Chris Payne, and they complement each other perfectly, with the hyperactive JC zooming about the stage, and Chris looking on with a quiet grin. The slightly limited time means we get a lean set-list packed full of classic tunes, "Solitary Confinement", "Working Girl" and a selection from the excellent new album "InGrrLand" including "Bleak" and "New English Blues". Of course we do get a rousing "Sound of The Suburbs" which has the crowd singing along and encores of a crazed "Ain' Gon' Be Yo' Bitch No Mo'" and a cover of Larry Wallis's "Police Car". So, The Members really do deserve to be re-evaluated and certainly I'd recommend you trying to see them live, as this current line-up kicks that proverbial ass!

Monica & The Explosion by Paul Slattery
Kicking off proceedings were Monica & The Explosion who comprise Swedish singer-songwriter Monica Welander and Paul Slack, the original U.K. Subs bassist and composer of that classic bass riff to "Warhead". They play a selection of tracks from their excellent "Shut Up!" album and new material from their forthcoming album. Playing their acoustic juke-box Punk, driven by Paul's inventive bass which makes up for the lack of percussion, the songs come across really well live. Monica bashes away on her acoustic guitar and is an energetic and charismatic singer, her and Paul exchange smiles on stage and together they transmit some good vibes to the appreciative audience.  They are currently recording songs for their new album so watch this space for news on it's release. Next up is The Jetsonics, a band that have a West London Ruts and Clash style reggae-tinged influence, apparent on their crowd favourite "Somewhere Else". They mix this with their take on a late '70's Power Pop/New Wave sound of the suburbs with boisterous, shout-along numbers such as "Never Meet Your Heroes" and the catchy "Amazing".

The Jetsonics by Paul Slattery
They are improving with every gig and building more of an on-stage chemistry between live-wire vocalist/guitarist Sam Day and laconic bassist Adam Donovan. Their third E.P. is currently being mixed and should be a cracker as the new songs played tonight such as the bass driven "She Wolf" and "Debbie Harry" are sounding really great. Things draw to a close with "Chelsea Drugstore" which, although yet to be released, is fast becoming their signature track and then "New Romance", for which the band have recorded a great video that is well worth checking out.  Thanks again to all those who came along, to all the bands and Carrie and staff at The Half Moon. Here are some more exclusive Paul Slattery photos of the gig:

Rat Scabies of The Members - Photo by Paul Slattery
Chris Payne of The Members - Photo by Paul Slattery
JC Carroll of The Members - Photo by Paul Slattery
Your host for the evening! - Photo by Paul Slattery
Monica Welander of M&TE - Photo by Paul Slattery
Paul Slack of Monica & The Explosion by Paul Slattery

Sam Day & Adam Donovan of The Jetsonics - Photo by Paul Slattery
Dave Lombardi, Sam Day & Adam Donovan of The Jetsonics by Paul Slattery
With many thanks to Paul Slattery for the excellent photographs!

Friday 6 July 2012

Bob Mould plays Sugar's "Copper Blue" live at London's Shepherds Bush Empire June 01st

The atmosphere inside the packed out Shepherds Bush Empire is electric as the crowd gears up to welcome a rare U.K. appearance from Bob Mould, together with his excellent band, Jon Wurster and Jason Narducy. The gig tonight is part of a special tour of performances to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of Sugar's mighty "Copper Blue" album. It also coincides with the re-release of all of Sugar's albums as Deluxe Editions, which include B-Sides, extra tracks and additional DVDs of live performances and promo videos.

"Copper Blue" really works in this format, it was always a pretty faultless album, and to hear it played all the way through from start to finish is an absolute delight. The crunching chords of opener "The Act We Act" herald the start of a great gig and is closely followed by the headlong rush of "A Good Idea". The chiming guitars of the catchy "Changes" give way to one of the greatest guitar riffs ever written, that sublime intro to "Helpless". The emotionally charged "The Slim" is moving and powerful and then the mood is lightened by "If I Can't Change Your Mind", one of Bob's most uplifiting and cheerful melodies.

Following the whole of "Copper Blue" Bob plays a selection of brand new as, yet unreleased songs, which sound extremely promising. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that the first of the new numbers, "Star Machine", is one of the night's overall highlights for me. Then we are treated to some Husker Du tracks,  admittedly not the well known classics I was rather hoping for, but we do get "I Apologize" and "Celebrated Summer" from New Day Rising and "Chartered Trips" from Zen Arcade. Next up to close the set, are two tracks from his days in Sugar, "Needle Hits E" and "Your Favourite Thing". The first encore is a fantastic cover version of Cheap Trick's "Downed" and procedings end with with a frantic Husker Du favourite "Makes No Sense At All". The house lights go up and Bob can clearly see, illuminated in front of him, the extent, not only of the audience's enjoyment of a thoroughly great gig, but the respect and admiration for a master songwriter.

Bob laps up the rapturous applause
All photographs copyright Steve Worrall / Retro Man Blog 2012

Thursday 5 July 2012

The Cycle Paths "Last Tram To Halfway" E.P.

Derbyshire 3-piece, The Cycle Paths, have now released their debut E.P. "Last Tram to Halfway" on Dizzy Holmes' Detour Records subsidiary, Paisley Archive. It features five tracks, "Last Tram To Halfway", "Living With My Guilt", "Time To Say Goodbye", "Getting Better" and "You Must Be a Devil". Formed in the Summer of 2011 with a shared love of Soul, R'n'B, Garage, Freakbeat, Mod Revival and Sixties Beat, guitarist Stace Rose, bassist Ian King and drummer Andy Hardwick, have put together a tight and energetic unit mixing catchy original songs with a selection of choice cover versions. On the new E.P. the band have tried to capture Stace's trademark buzz-saw guitar and rasping vocals along with the raw energy of their live shows. You can order copies of the "Last Tram" E.P. at the Paisley Archive web-site or via iTunes, but be quick about it, as it's a limited pressing of only 200 copies.

The Cycle Paths
The Cycle Paths are one of many great bands on Paisley Archive/Detour Records, some other recent releases include the debut album from Retro Man Blog favourites, The Past Tense. The labels are heavily supported by Alan May's excellent "Glory Boy Radio" show on 6Towns Radio (live every Sunday from 7pm-9pm). I'll be doing a feature on the scene surrounding Glory Boy and Detour Records and some of the associated acts, labels and club nights very soon.

Wednesday 4 July 2012

Soho & The Roots of The Swinging Sixties guided walk by "Back In The Day" at the Soho Festival July 15th

The excellent historical guided walks company "Back In The Day" will be having one of their "Soho - Roots of the Swinging Sixties" walks on Sunday July 15th. The walk starts at 6:15pm and costs £12.00 per person, however, if you've been on a Soho walk before, and you bring some friends who haven't, it's free for you. This will be in conjunction with the annual Soho Festival, an event of music, food and fun (and beers...), which is being held that day. I went on one of the "Soho Swinging Sixties" walks last year and thoroughly enjoyed it as it took in all the major landmarks and locations of Jazz, early Rock 'n' Roll and the very roots of the Mod scene. You can read my report on last year's walk here - Back In The Day Walks. Check the "Back In The Day" web-site for booking and details of the meeting point.

Monday 2 July 2012

The Soundtrack of Our Lives - My Q&A with Ian Person featured in the new issue of Shindig! Magazine

Check out the new issue of Shindig! Magazine (issue number 27) for my recent question and answer session with The Soundtrack of Our Lives guitarist and songwriter, Ian Person. Following the shock announcement that the brand new album, "Throw It To The Universe", would be the band's last, I checked in with Ian to get the low-down. The feature also has a great photograph from Retro Man Blog contributor Paul Slattery, taken before the band's gig at London's Bush Hall back in 2009. You can hear a track from the album, called "Busyland", played in Episode 2 of our Retrosonic Podcast. You can also see a review and photographs of the band's recent show at La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris on the Blog  here.

To read the interview in full, rush out and get the new issue, you can pick up a copy of Shindig! at any decent newsagent, including most WH Smiths and any record stores with good taste. Otherwise, you can order and subscribe on-line at Shindig-magazine.com.  The latest edition is packed full of the the usual high standard of features and reviews, with an in-depth look at this issue's cover stars The Chocolate Watchband, along with Van Dyke Parks, The Fallen Angels, Toby Twirl, the original Nirvana and much, much more besides. You can also sign up for "Happening!", Shindig!'s "hip little sister" on-line newsletter and Blog, for up-to-date news and reviews. Check that out on Happening-magazine.com.  Thanks to Jon Mills at Shindig! Magazine.