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The Len Price 3: New Album "Nobody Knows" Side 2 Exclusive Track-By-Track Guide by LP3's Glenn Page

The Len Price 3 singer, guitarist and songwriter, Glenn Page, has kindly contributed an exclusive track-by-track guide to their forthcoming, and long-awaited, new album "Nobody Knows" to give you an idea on the background to each of the songs. Here's the low-down on Side 2 of the album...

The Len Price 3 - Photo by Paul Slattery
"Words Won't Come"
This was written after a chance meeting with the mother of my first girlfriend. We would just meet up and snog. I could never think what to say. We would quite often just hold hands in silence - just completely tongue-tied.

"Couldn't Get Much Worse"
This is another one written for Pubmonkey. There's a scene where the lead character is working in a shoe shop and it seemed to me that he feels completely trapped - desperate to get out but unable to do anything about. That was a situation I could really relate to at that time - so the song came quite easily to me.

"Medway Sun"
This is about riding down to the River Medway to a couple of little spots I just like to stand in and take in the Universe. I've had some tough times in the last couple of years and these little trips to the river with my son were like a little refuge from the bad craziness. Now things are a lot better and I like this song because it's like a little premonition that things are going to get better - I just didn't know it at the time.

"Nobody Knows (Reprise)"
Same lyrics as the other one of course. We couldn't decide between which version to put on the album - so we went for both! This version came first. When we started putting together ideas for the album, I had this idea that I wanted to try getting back to a more rough, garage sort of sound with tunes a bit more like our first album. Hence songs like this, Words Won't Come and Billy Mason. Of course, the album didn't turn out quite as I envisaged it - but that's part of the fun of recording.

Steve Huggins & Neil Fromow  - Photo by Paul Slattery
"London Institute"
My late grandfather told me this story about when he was a boy (in the late 20's or early 30's). He went cleaning windows with his uncle Bill. He wasn't sure exactly where it was but it was some medical institution in London. He and his uncle chanced upon a room that had rows and rows of jars stacked on shelves. In these jars were preserved babies. They were all malformed or disfigured and obviously hadn't survived childbirth. This sight deeply affected him and it obviously upset him just thinking about it as he told me. That night, I had a dream about this room full of babies in jars. In my dream, they climbed out of the jars, jumped off the shelf and into little pedal cars. They then pedalled down a corridor and crashed through a big window and flew away into the night sky. I remember feeling quiet excited and thinking it was really funny. Anyway, I was sitting up really late one night. I was drunk and depressed and I just started slurring this one out. I didn't have to think about it - it just came naturally. We had great fun with that middle section. I was trying to be a bit Stockhausen and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop meet Syd Barret era Floyd and the Who.

If you missed Part 1/Side 1 you can check out Glenn's comments here. Retro Man Blog are very pleased to announce that we are putting on the Showcase Party for the long-awaited new album "Nobody Knows" by The Len Price 3 at The Half Moon in Putney on Friday October 25th. Not only will you get to hear some of the songs from the album performed live for the first time, but anyone attending the gig will have the opportunity to buy copies of the album on CD and Vinyl exclusively before the official worldwide release in January 2014. Please note there will be a limited amount on sale on a strictly first come first served basis and due to demand there may be a limit on how many copies each person can buy. So, make sure you book your tickets in advance from The Half Moon at the bargain price of £7.00 to avoid disappointment. Tickets will also be available on the door at £9.00. Support on the night comes from The Fallen Leaves and The Past Tense, and we also hope to announce some special guest appearances in due course. Anyone who has been to one of our Retro Man Blog nights at The Half Moon with The Len Price 3 will know they are very special events, so don't miss this one! You can read a report on last December's show here.

We will also be playing an exclusive unreleased track from the new album in our next episode of Retrosonic Podcast, so please keep a check on the Blog or our Retrosonic Soundcloud page for news.

Advance Tickets for the "Nobody Knows" showcase party can be ordered from the Half Moon here.

With many thanks to Glenn Page. Colour photos copyright Paul Slattery 2013 - Flyer photo copyright Anders Magnusson 2013.

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