Friday 28 October 2011

Ranscombe Studios Rochester - Home of The famous "Medway Sound"

I spent a wonderful day at Ranscombe Studios recently. The studios were so good that I thought I'd give them a little plug in their own right. Not only has it hosted Graham Day, James Taylor Quartet, Billy Childish and Pete Molinari but The Len Price 3 have recorded all three of their excellent albums there. Head Engineer Jim Riley and 2nd Engineer Brendan Eamonde were very friendly and made us feel welcome, here's some info on the studio and some photos I took during the day.
The relaxing room - Photo by Steve Worrall

Established in 1999, Ranscombe Studios has gained an outstanding reputation. It is located in Rochester which is easily accessible from London and the South East. The proprietor and Recording Engineer, Jim Riley is well known for his recording excellence and also as a member of local bands.
The Control Room - Photo by Steve Worrall

Jim says "analogue production sounds ‘warmer’ than the more clinical sound of digital production, digital is manipulative and can make anybody sound good, rather than capturing the sound of a band as a raw talent and capturing the essence.
I would rather do ten takes of something until it is right than rely on a computer and software to manipulate an artist. Digital has its limitations and is a representation of the sound".
Jim at the Controls - Photo by Steve Worrall

The Main Recording Room - Photo by Steve Worrall
The studio has a warm, lived in, comfortable feel (once you get past the chill atmosphere and ghosts in the outer area). Jim provides an excellent environment for creativity and is always there to help with the sound and the production and bring out the best in anyone. He will always jump in and help out with guitar and harmonica if required, giving 100% every time.
The Studio walls are adorned with hundreds of posters, adverts and record sleeves - Photo by Steve Worrall

Check the web-site here for up to date information on equipment at the Studio.

Ranscombe Studios are located at the Royal Function Rooms, 13 Star Hill, Rochester, Kent ME1 1XB 
Tel: 01634 580 332 Mbl: 07932 554 712

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