Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Retrosonic Podcast Episode 1: "We look like stars but we can't pay the rent..."

Welcome to the very first edition of the Retrosonic Podcast. Steve from the Retro Man Blog and Adam from The Jetsonics are joined in the Pod by Rock Photographer Paul Slattery. Throughout the series we will play and discuss some hidden gems and rare nuggets from Punk Rock, New Wave, Power Pop, Soul, Psychedelia, Mod, Garage Rock, Ska and Reggae from house-hold names to new and unsigned bands.

We'll also be broadcasting a "Bonus Track" where we will be inviting in various Special Guests from the world of music - including Musicians, Bloggers, Photographers and Artists, to discuss their work and their influences.

Retrosonic Podcast Episode 1: "We look like stars but we can't pay the rent" by Retrosonic Podcast

We have also set up a little Message Board/Forum called RetroBoard where you can register to comment on anything featured on the Retro Man Blog and RetroSonic Podcast. Discuss your thoughts and experiences about the music we play, we'd love to hear what you think.

There's a Facebook page too if you prefer to keep up to date there, or you can visit the Soundcloud page. The Podcast can be downloaded an MP3.

Contact us about the Podcast here retrosonicpodcast@gmail.com


  1. Great start - look forward to more

  2. Good choons, good chat, good Sid James-style chortles. It's a winner. Next, please.

  3. Thanks Stevie and Drakey...appreciate your support!

  4. Great stuff sir. Makes me feel like I should get my podcast ideas off the ground

  5. Thanks DFB..! Well good luck with it...the old Punk Rock D.I.Y. spirit is alive and kicking!