Saturday, 2 November 2013

The WitchDoktors and The Phobics at The Camden Barfly October 4th - Exclusive Paul Slattery Photos

The WitchDoktors at the Barfly - Photo by Paul Slattery
The first week of October started off with two excellent shows, first of all The Fallen Leaves and their regular "Minimum R'n'B" club night at the 12 Bar, which saw the band put in one of their best performances I have seen from them this year. Then on Friday the 4th, we had the enticing line-up of The Phobics and The WitchDoktors supporting The DeRellas at the Camden Barfly. Rock photographer Paul Slattery took some great photos, so we thought we'd share them on the Blog.

The Phobics (above) by Paul Slattery
The WitchDoktors Andy and Tony by Paul Slattery
Tony from The WitchDoktors by Paul Slattery
Zig C. from The WitchDoktors by Paul Slattery
Andy and Joe from The WitchDoktors by Paul Slattery
Andy from The WitchDoktors by Paul Slattery
The WitchDoktors at The Barfly by Paul Slattery
For more information on The WitchDoktors please check out their official web-site here and The Phobics can be found here. You can also hear some tracks from The WitchDoktors in Episode 9 and Episode 10 of our Retrosonic Podcast and The Phobics in Episode 8. Click the highlighted link to take you to the relevant Episode where you can either listen or download for FREE...!

With thanks to Paul Slattery for sharing the excellent photos of one of the gigs of the year. All photos copyright Paul Slattery 2013 and may not be reproduced or copied without prior consent.

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